10 Jul 2014
Dr. Yuuri Yasuoka has discovered a key mechanism in formation of the head in frogs.
3 Jul 2014
The Computational Neuroscience Unit has enhanced their neuronal simulation program STEPS, bringing us a step closer to understanding the human brain.
25 Jun 2014
OIST researchers are developing a new drug delivery method using femtosecond lasers that allow tight control of drug release.


18 Jul 2014
OIST has highly-skilled women who use their expertise to advise and support students and researchers in a wide of range of research activities.
11 Jul 2014
OIST’s new magnetic resonance imaging system allows physiological analyses of small animals.
4 Jul 2014
OIST has a new resident: a life-size humpback whale! On June 28, eighty children visited OIST to paint a mural of a humpback whale with Okinawan artist pokke104.
19 Jun 2014
X-ray micro-CT provides OIST researchers with the ability to visualize and take detailed 3D measurements of tiny structures, like the brain of an ant.