19 Dec 2014
Professor Tomoyuki Takahashi introduces a new way to measure the distance from voltage-gated channels to vesicles, and explains how this distance affects neural signaling precision and efficacy.
15 Dec 2014
Recent collaborations between scientists in Okinawa and Australia are helping to spur genomic research of the Crown of Thorns starfish, a threat to coral reefs across the Indo-Pacific region.
10 Dec 2014
OIST’s Mathematical Soft Matter Unit explores the interaction of energies at the crossroads between physics and mathematics.


18 Dec 2014
On December 12-13th, OIST hosted a joint symposium with guest professors from the University of Tokyo.
16 Dec 2014
21 teams of Okinawan high school students, selected from the 31 teams that applied, competed in the 3rd SCORE! – Science in Okinawa: Research for Enterprise - contest on Saturday 13 December.
10 Dec 2014
Professor Hirotaka Sugawara announces his new unit, which will find ways to apply particle and nuclear physics technology to medical research.
5 Dec 2014
OIST becomes part of Japan’s national effort to map the Brain