18 Sep 2015
Ancient Marine Animal Is Evolving Genetically Despite Little Change in Appearance
16 Sep 2015
OIST researchers are getting closer to the conquest of the “terahertz gap”.
19 Aug 2015
Scientists find bees can recover from destructive mites within a few years.


2 Oct 2015
Nobel Laureates Serge Haroche and Yuan Tse Lee and Professor Albrecht Wagner join the OIST Board of Governors.
4 Sep 2015
Architect with wide experience in construction internationally and in Japan joins OIST.
3 Sep 2015
On September 1, the OIST community gathered in a ceremony to welcome its fourth class of PhD students.
27 Aug 2015
2015 External Peer Review Report states that OIST's "progress across all key measures of excellence has been outstanding”.