2 Apr 2014
March 2014 OIST Slideshow
20 Mar 2014
Lab 3 Construction Progress October 2013 to March 2014
28 Feb 2014
February 2014 OIST Slideshow
24 Dec 2013
December 2013 OIST Slideshow
3 Dec 2013
November 2013 OIST Slideshow
2 Dec 2013
OIST celebrated its 2nd Birthday on Saturday, November 23rd with live performances by OIST employees, students, families, and friends.
31 Oct 2013
OIST news and event slideshow for October 2013.
29 Oct 2013
Watch voltage and calcium influx during two different Purkinje cell dendritic bursts.
1 Oct 2013
“Women in Science" was created by Hiroshima University graduate student Natsuko Hikiji as the outcome of her internship at OIST.
30 Sep 2013
From October 1st-31st, 2013, an exhibit featuring ink-painted byobu, or folding screens, by Kunigami Village artist Ichiro Kikuta takes place at the OIST campus. Kikuta makes his byobu with...
11 Jul 2013
The Marine Genomics Unit of OIST has decoded the genome of the algae Symbiodinium minutum. The paper was published in the...
25 Apr 2013
Unedited Aerial Footage of OIST Campus (December 2012) This footage is available for download in unedited form for use by press and media. Please credit OIST.
12 Mar 2013
Professor Greg Stephens searches for patterns in the behavior of Caenorhabditis elegans, a transparent worm about one millimeter in length. He and colleagues at Princeton University directly analyzed...
7 Mar 2013
OIST opens its campus to the public once a year to showcase its research and demonstrate through hands-on learning that science is fun! Creative commons music by...
26 Feb 2013
A video showing the transformation process from aluminum printing plates to artist Akira Miyagi’s creations.
14 Feb 2013
Timelapse of the Lab 2 construction on the OIST campus. Work began in November 2010, and the building was put to use in June 2012 Sound/Music by ...
7 Jan 2013
The story for any fish hoping to make an uphill trip from the ocean to the Shirin-Gawa stream that passes through the OIST campus.    
27 Dec 2012
Tabletop experiments in OIST's Collective Interactions Unit Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology