31 Mar 2015
17 Mar 2015
This video shows a polystyrene particle propelled along a microfiber by light, first in the fundamental mode, then in a higher order mode. It is easy to see how much faster the particle zips along in...
20 Feb 2015
OIST held its Open Campus 2015 on February 1st. 5000 people came to join the event and more than 200 OIST staff member greeted the guests. It turned out to be a successful event.
12 Feb 2015
In addition to mathematical models, high speed imaging was used to study morphology or how the wax was taking shape under different conditions. 
3 Feb 2015
This is the introduction movie of Open Energy Systems which are installed in 19 OIST faculty houses. Each house is connected with DC cable lines and exchange energy each other.
15 Jan 2015
Here Red particles represent Active agents and green represent  Passive  agents. The variation in density of the mixture and the strength of the self-motile agents creates vortexes in the...
20 Nov 2014
Look how much fun we had at OIST's 3rd Birthday Party! Many thanks to Charlie Murray for his videography and photography work at the event. We're already getting excited for next year's bash!
17 Nov 2014
The neurons in this video contain a dye that fluoresces when it encounters calcium ions. When the neuron is excited, calcium floods into the cell and the neuron fluoresces. The researchers monitored...
31 Oct 2014
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1 Oct 2014
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18 Sep 2014
This video shows a soapy mixture passing through the posts in the microfluidic platform and emerging on the right as a gel.
31 Jul 2014
July 2014 Slideshow
30 Jul 2014
This rotating image shows the 3D structure of a protein using two different imaging techniques: Cryo-MET and X-ray crystallography. This sample image is Immunoglobulin G, the most abundant antibody...