27 Jun 2014
X-Ray micro-CT scan of ant specimen Pheidole fervens by OIST Biodiversity & Biocomplexity Unit
20 Jun 2014
On the left you can see dendrites with different numbers of spines and visually watch how the molecules inside spread out, or diffuse, differently when there are more spines.   On the right, you...
20 Jun 2014
In the upper left box you can see all parts of the neuron in this model, the external structure and internal compartment (ER) that holds calcium (yellow), and the proteins involved in opening the...
4 Jun 2014
The Haarii is a ritual dragon boat race held very year on May 4th in the lunar calendar. It is believed to ensure good harvests and the safety of fishermen. Adopted from China by the Ryukyu Kingdom...
9 May 2014
This video shows Palladium nanoparticles colliding and fusing in a hydrogen gas atmosphere, imaged live in OIST's Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). On the left side, you see a...
25 Apr 2014
Music: morgantj /...
2 Apr 2014
March 2014 OIST Slideshow
20 Mar 2014
Lab 3 Construction Progress October 2013 to March 2014
28 Feb 2014
February 2014 OIST Slideshow
24 Dec 2013
December 2013 OIST Slideshow
3 Dec 2013
November 2013 OIST Slideshow
2 Dec 2013
OIST celebrated its 2nd Birthday on Saturday, November 23rd with live performances by OIST employees, students, families, and friends.
31 Oct 2013
OIST news and event slideshow for October 2013.
29 Oct 2013
Watch voltage and calcium influx during two different Purkinje cell dendritic bursts.
1 Oct 2013
“Women in Science" was created by Hiroshima University graduate student Natsuko Hikiji as the outcome of her internship at OIST.