26 Nov 2015
OIST researchers discover what makes ants male or female.
20 Nov 2015
OIST Prof. Hidetoshi Saze develops a new strain of rice that helps to prevent lifestyle and diet-related diseases.
11 Nov 2015
OIST’s physicist studies magnetic monopoles in spin ice crystals and explains why double layers of magnetic charges can be found
10 Nov 2015
More than 5000 people, 350 volunteers, 36 science activities, 18 food stalls and 5 buildings adds up to OIST Open Campus.
2 Nov 2015
OIST scientist and collaborators have discovered that electrons become incompressible when trapped on the surface of liquid helium under certain conditions.
30 Oct 2015
The OIST housing project is completed, but there are already plans for more dwellings for OIST members.
29 Oct 2015
OIST’s Prof. Ichiro Maruyama proposes a revolutionary new receptor model
28 Oct 2015
The new OIST Conference Center welcomed event organisers on October 26th.
16 Oct 2015
The American Physical Society has announced the recipients of the 2016 W.K.H. Panofsky Prize in Experimental Particle Physics.
14 Oct 2015
OIST researchers have identified a contributing factor to short lifetime in perovskite solar cells with silver electrodes
8 Oct 2015
Comparisons of fossil and modern ant databases show where biodiversity changed and where it stayed the same.
2 Oct 2015
Nobel Laureates Serge Haroche and Yuan Tse Lee and Professor Albrecht Wagner join the OIST Board of Governors.
16 Sep 2015
OIST researchers are getting closer to the conquest of the “terahertz gap”.
4 Sep 2015
Architect with wide experience in construction internationally and in Japan joins OIST.
3 Sep 2015
On September 1, the OIST community gathered in a ceremony to welcome its fourth class of PhD students.
27 Aug 2015
2015 External Peer Review Report states that OIST's "progress across all key measures of excellence has been outstanding”.
26 Aug 2015
Over 100 children spent five days experimenting with science, nature, and robots.
19 Aug 2015
Scientists find bees can recover from destructive mites within a few years.
18 Aug 2015
Foreign science journalists train Japanese communications officers how to promote research to overseas media.
6 Aug 2015
Nanoparticles with armor improve energy harvests from fuel cells