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9 Feb 2016
Scientists at OIST and the Janelia Research Campus have shown that gene expression in a fruit fly embryo can be accurately and predictably tuned.
1 Feb 2016
Study of electrons on liquid helium systems sheds light on zero-resistance phenomenon in semiconductors.
8 Jan 2016
OIST researchers conduct the first atomic resolution study of perovskites used in next generation solar cells.
25 Dec 2015
A microencapsulation method, developed by OIST researchers, can help to overcome major challenges in pancreatic islet transplantation.
15 Jan 2016
OIST researchers reconstruct the 3D structure of a malaria protein in combination with human antibodies
18 Dec 2015
A deeper understanding of the genetic mechanism of fat burning 
10 Dec 2015
OIST’s genome analysis of coral population leads to new findings about Okinawan coral reefs.
Aerial View of Child Development Center
20 May 2015
Aerial View of Child Development Center with Lab Area in Background
20 May 2015
Aerial View of Campus Lab Area Facing North
20 May 2015
Center Court and Lab 2 with Hillside Housing in the Background
20 May 2015
The Center Building and Lab 1 from Above
20 May 2015
20 May 2015
Center Building and Labs 1 Through 3 with Sky Walks
20 May 2015
20 May 2015
Airborne over OIST Facing North 2
20 May 2015
airborne over OIST facing north
9 Apr 2015
9 Apr 2015
Graduate Student in Sky Walk
17 Dec 2014

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