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26 Nov 2015
OIST researchers discover what makes ants male or female.
27 Nov 2015
Okinawan ant expert Mr. Hidetsune Takamine donates his valuable ant collection to OIST.
20 Nov 2015
OIST Prof. Hidetoshi Saze develops a new strain of rice that helps to prevent lifestyle and diet-related diseases.
11 Nov 2015
OIST’s physicist studies magnetic monopoles in spin ice crystals and explains why double layers of magnetic charges can be found
19 Nov 2015
OIST and its collaborators have analyzed the genomes of two acorn worm species and found that approximately two-thirds of human genes have counterparts in the ancestors of these marine animals.
17 Nov 2015
New computational tool and mathematical model open ways for further discoveries in animal genome evolution.
18 Sep 2015
Ancient Marine Animal Is Evolving Genetically Despite Little Change in Appearance
Aerial View of Child Development Center
20 May 2015
Aerial View of Child Development Center with Lab Area in Background
20 May 2015
Aerial View of Campus Lab Area Facing North
20 May 2015
Center Court and Lab 2 with Hillside Housing in the Background
20 May 2015
The Center Building and Lab 1 from Above
20 May 2015
20 May 2015
Center Building and Labs 1 Through 3 with Sky Walks
20 May 2015
20 May 2015
Airborne over OIST Facing North 2
20 May 2015
airborne over OIST facing north
9 Apr 2015
9 Apr 2015
Graduate Student in Sky Walk
17 Dec 2014

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