Message from the President

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) is conducting outstanding education and research in science and technology, which will contribute to the sustainable development of Okinawa, and promote and sustain the advancement of science and technology in Japan and throughout the world.

About fifty world-class faculty in the life, physical and environmental sciences have joined OIST as leaders of the University’s research units. Over half of the faculty and students are recruited from outside Japan, and all education and research is conducted entirely in English. The absence of academic departments, the strong emphasis on shared/common research tools and the imaginative layout of the research space, provide a natural home for truly inter-disciplinary research.  Each year since September 2012, about twenty graduate students, selected from amongst the best available worldwide, have begun their studies at OIST. While the curriculum provides the students with a strong grounding in their core discipline, courses are also required to extend their discipline-specific knowledge in ways that promote cross-disciplinary research.

One of the key objectives in creating OIST is to contribute to the promotion and self-sustaining development of Okinawa. The combination of highly imaginative academic minds and sophisticated research infrastructure generates scientific breakthroughs in diverse areas, which will be the driving force for innovation and technology development on Okinawa.

The Government of Japan has demonstrated great vision and has provided sustained support in establishing OIST and I am confident that OIST will be a leader in transforming the way science and education is carried out globally.


Dr. Jonathan Dorfan