Vaccination against new coronavirus

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) will be conducting occupational vaccinations against the new coronavirus for OIST students, faculty, staff, their families and household members.

No person shall be coerced or forced to receive the Vaccination, and whether or not to receive the Vaccination shall be based on each person’s voluntary decision. A person who applies for the Vaccination shall not be eligible for the Vaccination unless the Applicant agrees to the terms and conditions proposed at the Website [link will be provided as soon as the website is live].


Target group(Vaccines will be offered in this order)

  1. Staff working on OIST campus (including Temp Staff, Agency Staff, Supply Store Staff and Catering Staff), Students and Interns.
  2. Adult (18 and over) household members of OIST staff and students living on OIST campus.
  3. Adult household members of OIST staff and students living off OIST campus.
  4. Onna village residents. (People who live in Tancha district of Onna Village)

Vaccination period

  • The first doses : From 5th to 20th of July, 2021 (Scheduled)
  • The second doses: From  2nd to 17th of August, 2021(Scheduled)

*Additional dates of vaccination will be set as necessary.

Number of Doses and Interval 

Two doses of the vaccine are required for each person, with an interval of at least 20 days, which is typically 27 days. If 27 days have been passed after a person received the first dose, the person shall receive the second dose as promptly as possible. 

Venue of vaccination


*Ad hoc vaccination may be conducted in OIST Clinic.

Method of Vaccination

An Applicant shall apply for the Vaccination through the Website at least two days, excluding weekend and holidays, prior to a desired date of the Vaccination, as a basic rule. 
[link will be provided as soon as the website is live].

What to bring to vaccination appointment

  • A vaccination coupon issued by the Applicant's local municipal government to the Vaccination site on the date of the Vaccination. 
    • If Vaccination Coupon has not been issued by the vaccination date, the applicant must bring it to the OIST Clinic later upon receipt.
  • Proof of residency(residence card, driver’s license, health insurance card, etc.)
  • Drafted Pre-Vaccination Screening Questionnaire(Not required but recommended for smooth reception.)
  • OIST Registration Number 
    • Please show your OIST registration number which will be sent to you via email after registration at reception desk.

Other details will be provided in OIST Vaccination Registration Site [link will be provided as soon as the website is live] to be notified to the vaccination target group.

For inquiries about vaccinations

Please contact

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