Ryusei Daiko Eisa-inspired original performance
3 Sep 2012
Eisa-inspired original performance by Ryusei Daiko at the OIST Graduate School Welcome Event on September 3rd, 2012.
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Graduate students talking, 2011
4 Jul 2012
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17 May 2012
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29 Feb 2012
Anyone who has visited or lived in a foreign country and struggled with language barriers understands the frustration of not being able to communicate effectively. To address such concerns, OIST...
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27 Feb 2012
Mr. Dyce and the interns...
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5 Jan 2012
Cells multiply by growing and dividing into two, following a regular pattern called the cell cycle. During the cellular division period called mitosis, chromosomes, which store genetic information in...
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20 Sep 2011
Asia-Pacific Youth Science Exchange Forum in Okinawa September 23-26 2011 A forum for the exchange of ideas among youth from the Asia-Pacific region The aims of the forum are as follows:...
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1 Jul 2011
On June 29, three young students from Jr. High Schools in Onna village, Asato Shinjo from Onna Jr. High School, Hayato Adam Cooper from Nakadomari Jr. High School, and Minami Matsuo from Yamada Jr....
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9 Dec 2010
We are no longer accepting submissions to the contest. Winners will be contacted by the end of February, 2011. Introduction In 2012, OIST plans to start accepting students to its PhD program in...
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8 Oct 2009
For more information Patner Graduate Programs
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