27 Dec 2011
On December 19th, Dr. Marylka Yoe Uusisaari, a researcher in the Optical Neuroimaging Unit of OIST, visited Nakadomari Jr. High School in Onna Village to give a talk titled “How do you make a...
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20 Dec 2011
“Scientific conferences habitually involve science specialists sharing information with other scientists in the same field. However, OIST’s interdisciplinary nature  means that alternative ways...
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4 Nov 2011
OIST’s Physics and Biology unit researcher Dr. Eddy Taillefer received an Excellent Paper award during the International Conference on Computer Engineering and Bioinformatics (ICCEB) held on 21-22nd...
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13 Oct 2011
Dr. Vladimir A. Meshcheryakov and Dr. Irina Meshcheryakova work in the wet lab for the Trans-Membrane Trafficking Unit.
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30 Sep 2011
  Dr. Hidetoshi Saze, Principal Investigator of the Plant Epigenetics Unit, was awarded the 2011 Young Investigator Award by the Genetics Society of Japan. Formerly at the National Institute of...
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21 Sep 2011
By Juliette Mutheu Last summer, OIST launched an active recruitment of scientists who have demonstrated outstanding scholastic accomplishment and leadership. One such scientist is Award-wining...
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7 Jul 2011
Dr. Takayuki Yamashita, formerly a group leader in the OIST Cellular and Molecular Synaptic Function Unit led by Dr. Tomoyuki Takahashi, will receive...
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24 Feb 2011
Okinawa, Japan, February 24, 2011 — Hundreds of thousands of workers, on 24 hour shifts, cultivate food in enormous, underground factory farms, all over the northern part of South America, extending...
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8 Feb 2011
On February 2, 2011, Dr. Noriyuki Satoh, Principal Investigator of the Marine Genomics Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), was awarded the title of professor emeritus by...
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3 Feb 2011
Dr. Jeff Wickens, who leads the OIST Neurobiology Research Unit, is a member of an international group that has been awarded the 2011 Paxinos-Watson Prize.  The Australian Neuroscience Society...
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