Dr. Adaniya
17 Sep 2013 - 13:34
Dr. Adaniya (in picture above) came back to Okinawa after working at a research institution in the USA. At OIST, he simulates the trajectory of electron beams that run inside this microscope.
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Drs. Adaniya and Yamashiro
17 Sep 2013 - 13:18
Drs. Adaniya (left) and Yamashiro (right) examine the microscope.
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Electron Microscope
17 Sep 2013 - 12:00
The first prototype of the Quantum Wave Microscopy Unit's electron microscope, to be fully assembled in October 2013. 
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Installation of the Ocean Observatory System
6 Sep 2013 - 09:10
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Actual Devices Prior to Deployment
6 Sep 2013 - 09:06
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Illustration of the Ocean Cube Observatory System
6 Sep 2013 - 09:04
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6 Sep 2013 - 08:50
The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), working in agreement with the Okinawa General Bureau’s Ocean Expo Park, has installed a marine observatory system in waters...
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29 Aug 2013 - 18:56
When an electrical impulse is transmitted between neurons in the brain to transfer information, a variety of molecules are involved in maintaining the signal transmission. Zacharie Taoufiq and...
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29 Aug 2013 - 18:41
Zacharie Taoufiq and Kohgaku Eguchi, researchers at the Cellular and Molecular Synaptic Function Unit led by Prof. Tomoyuki Takahashi,...
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