Independent Study: Directed Study

The course Independent Study will foster the development of independent study and research skills such as reading and critiquing the scientific literature, formulating scientific questions, and integrating knowledge into a coherent synthesis. Students will undertake a self-directed program of reading and synthesis of ideas.  This course option must be conducted under the guidance of an OIST faculty member acquainted with such work (the 'Tutor'), who will guide the learning, assess the student's progress, and provide an evaluation at the end of term.

Students should, under supervision of the Tutor, prepare a plan of the study, carry out the appropriate reading and tasks, and then describe the results of their study in a substantial report or essay.  Student and Tutor should agree on the extent of supervision provided, such as timing and format of face-to-face meetings (20 hours required), progress checks, and so on, and the specific assessment tasks for evaluation.  This should be detailed in the proposal, and the Student and Tutor should commit to this undertaking. 

Proposed Independent Studies require approval by the Curriculum and Examinations Committee.  Applications should be made at the start of a term, to allow sufficient time for study.  This course may be taken in any one term, and should be completed within the period of that term.  The due date for all work will be at the end of the current term. 

Students may include as part or all of the content of an Independent Study various online courses from a range of educational sources, including Udemy, edX, Datacamp, and Coursera.  If payment is required for participation in or completion of an online course, contact Curriculum and Programs section before enrolling or applying.  Under the supervision of the responsible OIST faculty, you should not need an actual certificate of completion as they will conduct the assessment.

This course may be taken multiple times for additional credit, using new material.

Revised September 1, 2023 (for AY2023)