Friday, 4. November 2011 - 1:37

And the Excellent Paper Award Goes to…

OIST’s Physics and Biology unit researcher Dr. Eddy Taillefer received an Excellent Paper award during the International Conference on Computer Engineering and Bioinformatics (ICCEB) held on 21-22nd October 2011 in Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Eddy Taillefer’s Excellent Paper Award

Eddy presented his paper, ‘Exhaustive computation of exact sequence duplication in whole genomes via super and local maximal repeats,’ on the second day of the two-day conference.  The paper describes what computer analysis conducted on available organism’s genome data reveals in terms of the overall genome structure of organisms.

The paper concludes that the length distribution of DNA fragments that repeat in a genome showed a somewhat similar distribution across all the organisms’ genome data examined. This includes organisms such as horse, fish, plants, chicken, yeast and humans. Dr. Taillefer says, “The genome data showed a similar distribution structure in each organism which is unlikely to be by chance. This distribution shape is quite remarkable.”

The Excellent Paper award, crowned with a certificate from the conference, is encouraging news to the young researcher whose passion lies in using computer science to understand genomic data. Congratulations Dr. Taillefer!


By Juliette Mutheu

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