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OIST Essay Contest 2011

We are no longer accepting submissions to the contest. Winners will be contacted by the end of February, 2011.



In 2012, OIST plans to start accepting students to its PhD program in Science, and the recruitment of talented students from all over the world is about to take off.  OIST was founded in 2005 to be a world-class research institute where future leaders in science and technology get trained by internationally-known scientists.  Currently, 27 units are actively conducting research in neuroscience, mathematical and computational sciences, chemical and molecular sciences, and environmental and ecological sciences. You can find a list of PIs and their research interests on the website. And the list is growing, because top researchers in physics and chemistry are currently being recruited for faculty positions.

Now you don’t need to leave Japan to become a world-class scientist.  Win this essay contest and you can come to OIST to tell us about yourself and your research ideas!

Who should apply

College or university undergraduate and graduate students in Japan who are interested in enrolling in a PhD in Science program.

Technical College students in advanced courses may also apply.

OIST encourages future Women in Science to apply!

How to apply

Application documents must arrive at OIST by February 14th, 2011.


Write an essay in English (max 500 words) titled “A multidisciplinary approach to solving complicated problems in science and technology today: How effective is it?”

Use a specific example that highlights your research interests.

For example:

- How do cells know when to grow and when to multiply?
- How do biological systems change over time?
- How are coral reefs interconnected?
- How can mathematics describe nature?
- How is information encoded in the genome?
- How do brains learn?
- Can robots have emotions?
- How is external information sensed and processed by life at the molecular level?


The top 20 applicants will be cordially invited to the “Sun, Sea, and Science Student Workshop” in mid-March.

Lodging, meals, and round-trip tickets from within Japan will be provided free of charge to winners.

Tentative Workshop Schedule

- March 14, 2011 – Travel Day and Check in
- March 15, 2011 – Orientation (Campus Tour)
- March 16, 2011 – Mini-Lab Rotations & Discussions with PIs
- March 17, 2011 – Group Presentation & Farewell Party
- March 18, 2011 – Check-Out & Travel Home

For inquiries, contact Academic Programs at (replace "-AT-" with the "at" mark).

For press inquiries, please contact