5.9. Administrative rules

5.9.1. Academic progression requirements

The OIST Graduate University is committed to early identification and support of students who are not meeting academic progression requirements, and to maintaining academic standards of students in the PhD program. Identification of unsatisfactory academic progress

The Curriculum and Examination Committee annually reviews the academic records of all students. Students who show signs of not meeting academic progression requirements are identified by review of course and rotation evaluations, conducted by the Dean of the Graduate School at the end of each term, or by the PhD Thesis Committees on the basis of annual progress reports. The Dean of the Graduate School notifies the Committee of any students who are failing to meet academic progression requirements. Students who are not meeting progression requirements are alerted by the Dean of the Graduate School and provided assistance to address issues affecting progress.

Satisfactory academic progression requires:

1. A level of performance in courses and rotations meeting all of the following criteria:

i.  Completing an approved program of elective coursework with at least a “Pass” evaluation in all courses, at a rate sufficient to meet the cumulative credit requirements for progression to thesis research and graduation;

ii.  Completing all compulsory coursework with at least a “Pass” evaluation;

iii. Completing all required rotations with at least a “Pass” evaluation;

iv. Achieving overall satisfactory progress as determined in annual evaluation by the Curriculum and Examinations Committee. The Curriculum and Examinations Committee may require a minimal evaluation higher than a “Pass” in the overall academic performance of the student.

2. Satisfactory progress in research defined by the following criteria:

i.   Timely development by the student of research goals that can be realized at the OIST Graduate University.

ii.  Submission of a Thesis Proposal within nine months of commencing Preliminary Thesis Research.

iii.  Passing the qualifying examination for advancement to candidacy within twelve months of commencing Preliminary Thesis Research.

iv.  Satisfactory Annual Progress Reports

v.  Completion of the PhD thesis within five years of commencing the program

Unsatisfactory academic progress is defined as failure to meet any of the criteria listed above, as determined by the Curriculum and Examinations Committee.

In the case of established unsatisfactory academic progress the Committee may recommend probation or termination of candidacy.

Probation is an option if satisfactory progress can be achieved by (a) repeating and passing a failed unit (course or rotation); or, (b) substituting and passing an approved alternative unit. If the Committee recommends probation the Dean of the Graduate School alerts the student and explains the conditions the student must meet for satisfactory academic progress.

Discontinuation is applied if a student fails a repeated or substituted course or rotation, or fails to make satisfactory progress in research.


5.9.2. Discontinuation of studies

Discontinuation for unsatisfactory academic progress

Students in the PhD program may be discontinued for unsatisfactory academic progress. In such cases the Dean of the Graduate School may order the discontinuation of that student upon obtaining permission from the President, and with endorsement of the decision by the Curriculum and Examinations Committee.

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