4.6.2 The Science and Technology Group (STG) Forum  The Role of the STG Forum
The STG Forum provides an opportunity for the members of the STG to discuss the development of the STG, and it provides them with information about university matters, collects their opinions and suggestions to provide feedback to the University, identifies and discusses common issues, and allows them to share research results.  Membership and Officers
All STAs are members of the STG Forum. One member will be elected as the Chair of the Forum. The STG Forum will also elect the STG Representative to the Faculty Assembly.  Meetings
The Forum will meet at least twice in each academic year. Forum meetings are attended by the Dean of Faculty Affairs, the Dean of Research, the STG Research Unit Administrator (who acts as the forum secretary), the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Faculty Affairs, and the HR Assistant to the Dean of Faculty Affairs as necessary. The President has a standing invitations to attend.
The Dean of Faculty Affairs reports on the STG Forum to the Faculty Council, and presents the STG Annual Report to the Faculty Assembly.

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