4.4 Research Fellows

4.4.1 Research Fellows

Research Fellows are researchers who study in the University as their main research base (even though those who do not have employment relationship with the University) and be engaged in a temporary period of mentored research and scholarly training at the University.  They are excellent researchers (those who are matriculated as student at the University are excluded) who are awarded Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (Categories PD, RPD or SPD) by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) or receive other fellowship, stipend and/or research grant from research funding agencies located in or outside of Japan.  

4.4.2  Acceptance of Research Fellows

Those who want to be engaged in research at the University as Research Fellows shall apply for acceptance in such capacity to the Dean of Research after the approval of the Faculty member who will act as their supervisor.  The President shall allow their acceptance if it is not deemed to be an obstacle to the education and research of the University.

4.4.3 Duration of an Acceptance of Research Fellows

In principle, the duration of an acceptance as a Research Fellows at the University shall be established on the basis of the duration of the fellowship, stipend and/or research grant awarded by his/her respective agency.  In the event that the supporting research funding agency cancels the decision to award or its fellowship or disqualify his/her from fellowship, the President may cancel/terminate the acceptance of the individual as a Research Fellow at the University.

4.4.4 Performance of Research Fellows

Research Fellows perform or are expected to perform following activities at the University:

a) Research Fellows work under the supervision of a faculty member.
b) Research Fellows are expected to publish, and may be supported towards the publication of the results of their research during the training period.
c) Research Fellows may be involved with the pre-thesis and thesis work of students working in the Research Unit of their supervising Faculty member.

4.4.5 Treatment of Research Fellows

Treatment accorded to individual Research Fellows by the University may vary, depending upon the rules of their respective fellowship programs, as stipulated by their respective funding agencies. However, the following treatment may be provided (details shall be stipulated separately by the Dean of Research and relevant Division head(s).):

An air ticket from the airport closest of their latest domicile to that closest to the University on their first arrival as a Research Fellow (one way, once, only available for the person himself/herself)

Costs of removal, upon their first arrival as a Research Fellow (only available when they select the removal agent designated by the University).

Facilitation of rental housing (only available when they occupy an apartment to be designated by the University. Details shall be stipulated separately by the Vice President for Building and Facility Management)

 Relocation Support provided by HR Recruiting Support Section

Utilization of facilities and equipment of the University which are necessary for the Research Fellows to conduct research (When a Research Fellow loses or damages the facilities and/or equipment of the University, as a result of willful or negligent behavior, the University may request the Research Fellow restore same to its original state or may assert a claim against the Research Fellow for damages.)

Eligibility to apply Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI).

Health Checkups offered by the OIST Health Center

Application of the Price List for OIST Employees [link:] when Research Fellows receives medical treatment at the OIST Clinic (applicable only for the person himself/herself).

Honorarium when Research Fellows engage in work as a Teaching Assistant at the University

Utilization of welfare facilities of the University (Those which are provided by Promotion of Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan are exclusive.)

Other treatment which the Dean of Research deems appropriate.

4.4.6 Management of Grants-in Aid of Research Fellows

If Research Fellows receive Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from research funding agencies, the fund shall be managed by the University in accordance with the provisions of the rules of the University.  When they intend to purchase goods or pursue domestic/foreign travels by the fund, it must be requested in accordance with the procedures stipulated in Chapter 28 and 29 of OIST Policies, Rules and Procedures (PRP).

4.4.7 Handling of intellectual property created by Research Fellows

Regulations of Chapter 14 of the PRP shall be applied for the handling of intellectual property created by the researches in which Research Fellows engage.

4.4.8 Insurance coverage of Research Fellows

The University takes out an insurance to provide certain support in the case of the accidents and other incidents occurred during regular research activities. However, it is recommended that Research Fellows should take out liability insurance and accident insurance by their own expense in case of accident and for their health care.

4.4.9 Compliance

In the same manner as employees of the University, Research Fellows must comply with Japanese laws and regulations as well as OIST’s policies, rules and procedures.  If Research Fellows perform the acts indicated as the Reasons for Discipline for Employees of the University , President may cancel the acceptance of the relevant Research Fellows.

4.4.10 Miscellaneous

Other details shall be separately determined by the Dean of Research.

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