4.11 Research Ethics, Compliance, and Prevention of Conflicts of Interest

Recognizing that scientific research is developed on a foundation of a public trust mandate, researchers must make honest and sincere decisions, and act accordingly to ensure responsible conduct of research. The University promotes responsible conduct of research and has established mechanisms to respond appropriately to research misconduct in line with the Code of Conduct for Scientists (2013, Science Council of Japan) and the Guidelines for Providing an Appropriate Response to Misconduct in Research Activities (2014, Decision by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology).

Experiments in certain categories are required to be reviewed by the relevant Advisory Committee and then approved by the Provost before commencement. Further, some materials and equipment are subject to regulatory controls (including administrative guidelines) for acquisition, handling, storage, record-keeping, disposal, and installation. Activities involving controlled items must comply with relevant statutes, regulations and guidelines. Researchers have the right to engage in consulting and other activities with external partners, subject to the University’s policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment as defined in Chapter 22.


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