24.4 Responsibilities

24.4.1 President

The President of the University is responsible for ensuring the provision of high-quality and international pre-school and after-school/ holiday programs by securing and allocating appropriate financial and other resources for the CDC. The President must receive and forward periodical reports from the Governing Board on CDC operation to the Board of Governors of the OIST School Corporation.

The President approves annual business and budget plans of the CDC.


24.4.2 Governing Board of the CDC

The Governing Board of the CDC is responsible for overall management of the CDC operations, including the following matters:

  • Maintain, and suggest amendments to the President as necessary, these Bylaws.
  • Ensure that the operation of the CDC meets all national and local compliance and safety standards.
  • Select the Director of the CDC to be appointed by the President.  
  • Make annual business plan and budget request, including fee structure and revenue estimation and its revision, to the President.
  • Submit annual business and budget plans of the CDC to the President and monitor the implementation of the plans.
  • Submit annual reports, due at the end of April, to the Board of Governors of the OIST School Corporation through the President.

See the Bylaws of the Governing Board [link] and “CDC Pre-school Handbook” [link: ] for details.


24.4.3 Users of the CDC

Users of the CDC are responsible for supporting the CDC operations by sending their feedback to the Governing Board through their OIST Child Care Association representatives and by participating in CDC events. CDC users must bear the cost of services based on the fee structure maintained by the Governing Board and approved by the President.  In situations of financial hardship, the Governing Board may elect to partially or fully waive the fees.