24.1 Policy

The OIST Graduate University (hereinafter “the University”) recognizes the critical needs of the university staff, students, and visitors with children for international and high-quality pre-school and after-school/holiday education services. To meet such needs is one of the basic functions which the University must fulfill to attract and retain the best talent, enhance the wellbeing of the University community and thereby achieve the missions of the University.

The University provides the pre-school and after-school/holiday programs designed to meet such needs as much as possible by establishing and operating the OIST Child Development Center (CDC). The services are provided at dedicated, safe facilities on campus. While the CDC is established as a part of the University, it has a semi-autonomous decision-making body, the CDC Governing Board, with representation from the relevant administrative divisions of the University, the CDC management and the OIST Child Care Association [link: ]. Please refer to the Bylaws (terms of reference) of the Governing Board for its responsibilities and membership. The CDC Governing Board reports to the University President who reports to the Board of Governors of the OIST School.

The services must be offered based on fair and transparent rules set forth by the Governing Board. The University’s equal opportunity and diversity policy [link:1.3] must be applied in developing and implementing such rules.

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