12.1 Policy

The OIST Graduate University (the University) is committed to achieving efficient business operations and ensuring accountability to its stakeholders and the general public by managing its documents and records in a systematic and logical manner. All practices and procedures concerning document and record management within the University, including their preparation, preservation, disclosure, and disposal, are to be in accordance with this policy as well as the related laws and regulations. This policy applies to all documents and records – whether electronic or on paper and whether in English or Japanese – prepared and acquired by University officers or employees, and held in the course of their duties for the purpose of organizational use.

In addition, proper management of personal information is a particularly important legal obligation in modern society, and it can be publicly damaging and costly for an organization if it fails in that responsibility. As an institution dealing with a variety of personal information such as information of students (including applicants), alumni, employees, donors, event participants and etc., the University recognizes its social responsibility to use and protect such personal information appropriately and to comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

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