1.3.2 Respectful Workplace


OIST Graduate University Respectful Workplace Policy

The University is committed to providing a work environment that promotes education, research, and productivity through working relationships based on respectful communication. This commitment calls for a workplace where the following core values are upheld:

  1. Everyone at OIST without exception has an important contribution to make toward the overall success of the University’s mission.
  2. This mission will be carried out in an atmosphere where all employees, in all types of jobs, value each other and treat each other with respect. Communication between employees should be polite at all times. This will be true even in situations of high pressure and urgency.
  3. Diversity among employees is celebrated at OIST and employees must at all times exercise tolerance and respect for gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, medical condition, race, ethnicity, ancestry, culture, national origin, religion, or marital status.  Special consideration should be given to those employees with physical or mental impairment
  4. Managers, supervisors and others in positions of authority should consider themselves as role models in the promotion of these core values, without in any way abdicating their responsibility to direct their employees to perform work effectively.
  5. In the same spirit, employees, irrespective of their job title, are encouraged to discuss issues of concern without fear that those discussions will result in negative treatment or punitive consequences from any other employee of the University.
  6. To promote mutual understanding and avoid unnecessary conflicts, an atmosphere where native English speakers are considerate of non-native speakers, and vice versa, is expected so that no language-related barrier restricts employees from participating in discussions or in asking questions.
  7. In response to staff input, the University will make reasonable changes to improve the work environment and productivity at OIST.

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