Ulf Skoglund

Ulf Skoglund
Dean of Graduate School
Nationality: Sweden
BSc PhD (Stockholm) Docent (Uppsala)

Selected Publications

  • Skoglund, U., Andersson, K., Strandberg, B., and Daneholt, B. The 3-D structure of a specific premessenger RNP particle established by electron microscopic tomography. Nature 319, 560-564 (1986).
  • Skoglund, U., Öfverstedt, L.-G., Burnett, R. and Bricogne, G. Maximum-entropy three-dimensional reconstruction with deconvolution of the contrast transfer function: a test application with adenovirus Journal of Structural Biology, 117:3, 173-188 (1996)
  • Öfverstedt, L.-G., Zhang K., Bricogne, G., Isaksson, L. A., and Skoglund, U Automated correlation and averaging of three dimensional reconstructions obtained by  electron tomography. Journal of Structural Biology, 120:3, 329-342 (1997)
  • Francesc Miralles, Lars-Göran Öfverstedt, Nafiseh Sabri, Youssef Aissouni, Ulf Hellman, Ulf Skoglund and Neus Visa Electron Tomography Reveals Post-Transcriptional Binding of Pre-mRNPs to Specific Fibers in the Nucleoplasm The Journal of Cell Biology 148: 271-282 (2000)
  • Ingela Wetterberg, Jian Zhao, Sergej Masich, Lars Wieslander and Ulf Skoglund In situ transcription and splicing in the Balbiani Ring 3 gene EMBO J. Vol 20 No. 10 , 2564-2574  (2001).
  • Sara Sandin, Lars-Göran Öfverstedt, Ann-Charlotte Wikström, Örjan Wrange and Ulf Skoglund Structure and flexibility of individual immunoglobulin G molecules in solution Structure 12, 409-415 (2004).
  • L. Bongini, D.Fanelli, F. Piazza, P. De Los Rios, S. Sandin, U. Skoglund Freezing  immunoglobulins to see them move PNAS 101, 6466-6471 (2004)
  • Jorma Wartiovaara, Lars-Göran Öfverstedt, Jamshid Khoshnoodi, Jingjing Zhang, Eetu Mäkelä, Sara Sandin, Vesa Ruotsalainen,  R. Holland Cheng, Hannu Jalanko,  Ulf Skoglund, and Karl Tryggvason Nephrin strands contribute to a porous slit diaphragm scaffold as revealed by electron tomography.  J. Clin. Invest. 114, 1475-1483 (2004)
  • L. Bongini, D.Fanelli, F. Piazza, P. De Los Rios, S. Sandin, U. Skoglund Dynamics of antibodies from cryo-electron tomography Biophys. Chem. 115, 235-240 (2005)
  • F. Piazza, P. De Los Rios, D. Fanelli, L. Bongini, and U. Skoglund Anticooperativity in diffusion-controlled reactions with pairs of anisotropic domains: a model for the antigen-antibody encounter. Eur. Biophys. J., 34, 899-911 (2005)
  • E. Gherardi, S. Sandin, M. V. Petoukhov, J. Finch, M. E. Youles, L.-G. Öfverstedt, R. N. Miguel, T. L. Blundell, G. F. Vande Woude, U. Skoglund and D. I. Svergun Structural basis of hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor and MET signalling. PNAS 103, 4046-4051 (2006)
  • H Rullgård, O. Öktem and U. Skoglund A component-vise iterated relative entropy regularization method with updated prior and regularization parameter. Inverse Problems, 23, 2121-2139 (2007)
  • L. Bongini, D. Fanelli, S. Svensson, M. Gedda, F. Piazza and U. Skoglund Resolving the geometry of biomolecules imaged by cryo electron tomography. electron tomographic images. J. Microscopy, 228 (Pt 2), 174-184 (2007)
  • L. Bongini, D. Fanelli, F. Piazza, P. De Los Rios, M. Sanner and U. Skoglund A dynamical study of antibody-antigen encounter reactions. Physical Biology, 4 (Pt 3), 172-180 (2007)
  • L. Norlén, O. Öktem, U. Skoglund Molecular cryo-electron tomography of vitreous tissue sections: current challenges J. Microscopy 235, (pt 3), 293-307 (2009)
  • E. Klaile, O. Vorontsova, K. Sigmundsson, M. M. Müller, B. B. Singer, L.-G. Öfverstedt, S. Svenssn, U Skoglund and B. Öbrink
  • The CEACAM1 N-terminal Ig-domain mediates cis and trans binding and is essential for allosteric rearrangements of CEACAM1 microclusters JCB,  187:4, 553-567 (2009)
  • E.T. Quinto, U. Skoglund and O. Öktem Electron Lambda-Tomography PNAS 106:51, 21842-21847 (2009)
  • E. Y. Bugaeva, S. Surkov, A. V. Golovin, L.-G. Öfverstedt, U. Skoglund, L. A. Isaksson, A. A. Bogdanov, O. V. Shpanchenko and O. A. Dontsova Structural features of the tmRNA-ribosome interaction RNA 15:12, 2312-2320, (2009)
  • M. Gedda, L.-G. Öfverstedt, U. Skoglund, S. Svensson Image processing system for localizing macromolecules in cryo-electron tomography Machine Graphics & Vision, 19:2, 159-184 (2010)
  • I. Iwai, HM. Han, L. den Hollander, S. Svensson, L.-G. Öfverstedt, J. Anwar, J. Brewer, M. Bloksgaard, A. Laloeuf, D. Nosek, S. Masich, L. A. Bagatolli, U. Skoglund, L. Norlén The human skin barrier is organized as stacked bilayers of fully-extended ceramides with cholesterol molecules associated with the ceramide sphingoid moiety. J. of Investigative Dermatology, advance online pub April 26, (2012)
Karolinska Institute
University of Stockholm
University of Uppsala
Letterstedtska Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science
Arrhenius Medal, Swedish Chemical Society