Officers and Vice Presidents

Officers   (As of February 1, 2016)

Position Name
President/CEO Peter Gruss
Executive Vice President/Vice-CEO Robert Baughman
Auditor Shinichi Okamoto
Auditor Yoshiyuki Uehara
Board of Governors  

Vice Presidents (As of February 1, 2016)

Position Name
Executive Vice President for 
Technology Development and Innovation
Robert Baughman
Dean of Graduate School Jeff Wickens
Dean of Faculty Affairs Gordon Arbuthnott
Dean of Research Mary Collins
Vice President for Gender Equality &
Human Resource Development
Machi Dilworth
Vice President for Administrative Compliance Maki Kubo
Vice President for Financial Management Keiji Takanashi
Vice President for Communication & Public Relations Neil Calder
Vice President for Buildings & Facility Management Ali Ganjehlou
General Counsel Emi Matsushima