13 Aug 2015
OIST researchers and collaborators have sequenced and analyzed an octopus genome, making it the first cephalopod to be decoded.
24 Jun 2015
OIST researchers identify the neurons that help adapt to changing environments
4 Jun 2015
In an effort to shape policy, new research goes into finer detail to see whether or not national parks are really effective in preventing deforestation.
5 May 2015
High-res genome catalogue captures long-distance calls between DNA segments that may influence diseases
19 Dec 2014
Professor Tomoyuki Takahashi introduces a new way to measure the distance from voltage-gated channels to vesicles, and explains how this distance affects neural signaling precision and efficacy.
17 Sep 2014
The way in which most multicellular organisms have been classified has been the same for more than a century. But new research is changing how we see classification, specifically among Chordates.
12 Sep 2014
New research by OIST researchers finds genetic mechanism that makes African midges invulnerable to harsh conditions.
22 Aug 2014
Researchers in the Neural Computation Unit used a new technique called optogenetics to examine the brain mechanism for controlling patience to obtain a reward.
30 Jul 2014
OIST’s first startup, Okinawa Protein Tomography Ltd., capitalizing on Prof. Ulf Skoglund’s advanced structural imaging technology, has been launched.
23 May 2014
Dr. Chuya Shinzato of the Marine Genomics Unit and colleagues have established DNA markers that enables scientists to study genetic diversity and connectivity among the Acropora coral populations.