29 Mar 2016
Age-related differences in human blood metabolites identified.
26 Feb 2016
OIST and Misawa Homes team up to build an experimental eco-friendly home with the hope of bringing sustainable homes and communities around the world.
15 Jan 2016
OIST researchers reconstruct the 3D structure of a malaria protein in combination with human antibodies
10 Dec 2015
OIST’s genome analysis of coral population leads to new findings about Okinawan coral reefs.
19 Nov 2015
OIST and its collaborators have analyzed the genomes of two acorn worm species and found that approximately two-thirds of human genes have counterparts in the ancestors of these marine animals.
17 Nov 2015
New computational tool and mathematical model open ways for further discoveries in animal genome evolution.
18 Sep 2015
Ancient Marine Animal Is Evolving Genetically Despite Little Change in Appearance
13 Aug 2015
OIST researchers and collaborators have sequenced and analyzed an octopus genome, making it the first cephalopod to be decoded.
24 Jun 2015
OIST researchers identify the neurons that help adapt to changing environments