30 May 2017
OIST researchers discovered a target to single out immune system cells responsible for auto-immune diseases such as arthritis or irritable bowel syndrome.
6 Apr 2017
Researchers from OIST and Australia have sequenced and decoded for the first time the genome of the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish, paving the way for the biocontrol of this invasive predator responsible for the destruction of coral reefs across indo-pacific oceans.
5 Apr 2017
Discovery of a gene in zebrafish that triggers congenital blindness could lead to a suitable cure for similar disease in humans.
10 Feb 2017
OIST researchers have synthesized a molecule that targets the membranes of cervical cancer cells to block their migration
9 Dec 2016
Neurons in zebra finch brains operate as a barcode reader to detect songs of the same species during learning
11 Oct 2016
For the first time, scientists visualized electron movement inside a solar cell.
30 Sep 2016
Brachyury gene shown to be a key player in mesoderm evolution
9 Aug 2016
Scientists have decoded the genome of Okinawa mozuku, a seaweed with healthy properties that plays a key economic and ecological role.