30 Sep 2016
Brachyury gene shown to be a key player in mesoderm evolution
9 Aug 2016
Scientists have decoded the genome of Okinawa mozuku, a seaweed with healthy properties that plays a key economic and ecological role.
22 Jun 2016
In zebra finches, the neurons associated with the memory of the father bird’s song have been pinpointed.
5 May 2016
Scientists at OIST and the Janelia Research Campus have shown that gene expression in a fruit fly embryo can be accurately and predictably tuned.
29 Mar 2016
Age-related differences in human blood metabolites identified.
26 Feb 2016
OIST and Misawa Homes team up to build an experimental eco-friendly home with the hope of bringing sustainable homes and communities around the world.
15 Jan 2016
OIST researchers reconstruct the 3D structure of a malaria protein in combination with human antibodies
10 Dec 2015
OIST’s genome analysis of coral population leads to new findings about Okinawan coral reefs.