5. May 2015 - 0:43
High-res genome catalogue captures long-distance calls between DNA segments that may influence diseases
19. December 2014 - 2:00
Professor Tomoyuki Takahashi introduces a new way to measure the distance from voltage-gated channels to vesicles, and explains how this distance affects neural signaling precision and efficacy.
17. September 2014 - 9:23
The way in which most multicellular organisms have been classified has been the same for more than a century. But new research is changing how we see classification, specifically among Chordates.
12. September 2014 - 14:23
New research by OIST researchers finds genetic mechanism that makes African midges invulnerable to harsh conditions.
22. August 2014 - 1:17
Researchers in the Neural Computation Unit used a new technique called optogenetics to examine the brain mechanism for controlling patience to obtain a reward.
30. July 2014 - 14:04
OIST’s first startup, Okinawa Protein Tomography Ltd., capitalizing on Prof. Ulf Skoglund’s advanced structural imaging technology, has been launched.
23. May 2014 - 15:06
Dr. Chuya Shinzato of the Marine Genomics Unit and colleagues have established DNA markers that enables scientists to study genetic diversity and connectivity among the Acropora coral populations.
1. April 2014 - 13:40
The European Physical Society (EPS) announced on March 20 that this year’s Gersch Budker Prize will go to OIST Professor Tsumoru Shintake.
6. September 2013 - 8:50
OIST has installed a marine observatory system in waters off the coast of Motobu, Okinawa, which enables real-time monitoring of biological and physical data.
12. July 2013 - 9:10
The Marine Genomics Unit has decoded the genome of the algae Symbiodinium minutum. This is a major advance in understanding the complex ecology of coral reefs.