15. June 2021 - 16:08
Twisting, not stretching, is a more effective way to break viscoelastic liquid bridges, a PNAS study finds.
14. June 2021 - 15:13
Using simulations, researchers uncover a key clue as to whether hurricanes will decay or re-intensify after hitting land.
1. June 2021 - 17:20
While at the Harvard Radcliffe Institute, Professor Evan Economo plans to pursue a project on the global diversity and evolution of ants and butterflies.
31. May 2021 - 0:00
OIST is a member of QITF, Japan’s premiere organization for research and development of the Quantum Internet.
25. May 2021 - 14:00
OIST and venture capital firm, Beyond Next Ventures, are partnering to support deeptech startups through the creation of the OIST-BNV Innovation Hub (“OBI-Hub”).
25. May 2021 - 4:00
The distinctive white stripes in clownfish form at different rates depending on their sea anemone hosts, a PNAS study finds.
26. April 2021 - 9:00
The ability to culture coral cells could usher in a new era in coral biology research.
22. April 2021 - 3:00
A revolutionary technique gives scientists an unparalleled close-up view inside fleeting particles called excitons.