10. March 2022 - 1:00
In a world-first, scientists have visualized the two parts of an elusive particle—the moiré exciton—to reveal its structure and unique properties.
8. March 2022 - 12:00
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology and OIST Foundation support educational ecosystem for girls and women in STEM
15. February 2022 - 14:00
Better understanding of regeneration in hemichordates may eventually lead to advances in reparative medicine
15. February 2022 - 9:00
Scientists have simulated the growth of diamond films to reveal geometrical properties and insights on how to grow these films more efficiently in the lab.
10. February 2022 - 4:00
Advances in optical imaging and image analysis have revealed the tantalizing possibility that astrocytes, star-shaped cells in the brain, might play a role in how we process information and store memories.
3. February 2022 - 16:24
Scientists have compared the chromosomes of three major animal groups to reveal that they have been surprisingly stable across a time span of at least 550 million years.
1. February 2022 - 10:08
OIST and Onna Village have launched the Ecological Smart Resort Project as a regional revitalization plan for the Village.
31. January 2022 - 22:00
Researchers show that molecular interactions between pieces of DNA can drive the self-assembly of structures visible to the naked eye.
25. January 2022 - 13:00
For the first time, researchers have created blue LEDs using layers of metal halide perovskite linked with asymmetrical bridges, solving a critical instability problem.
14. January 2022 - 9:34
Researchers have completed a comprehensive analysis of the head width of over 1500 modern and fossilized species of termites and determined that their size isn’t shrinking at a geological timescale.