Phylogeny and morphology of the four strains of Okinawa mozuku

2 Jun 2020

The phylogenetic (evolutionary) tree was constructed by comparing 200 nuclear genes. The scalebar unit is substitution per site. The four strains form their own unique group within brown algae and another edible seaweed, ito-mozuku (Nemacystus decipiens) is their closest relative. The four strains of Okinawa mozuku differ in size, texture and level of branching. While the S-strain has a soft body and reaches a large size with long branches, the K-strain has thicker and tougher branches, and reaches a middling size. The O-strain has an even tougher texture and is smaller in size with more dense branching. Finally, the C-strain is similar in texture to the K-strain, with an intermediate size and thinner branches.

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