The path of the pumice to Okinawa - day 90

23 Dec 2021

Ninety days after the eruption.

When Fukutoku-Okanoba erupted in the Ogasawara island chain a huge amount of pumice was blasted into the surrounding ocean. According to drift simulations, this pumice was first pushed northwest by monsoons and then brought southwest to Okinawa by the combination of trade winds and the Kuroshio Countercurrent. Only a small amount was caught in the larger and well-known Kuroshio current and transported to the Tokyo area. Prof. Mitarai predicts that it will remain in Okinawa for much of the winter and continue to break up. These images appeared in the article “The pumice around Okinawa: How long will it last and where will it go?”.

See images for "30 days after the eruption" and "150 days after the eruption",

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