18 May 2016
Confirming the link between disorder and metastability in granular physics.
17 May 2016
A striking decline in ant biodiversity found on land converted to a rubber plantation in China.
13 May 2016
Nobel Laureate, professor, and member of the OIST Board of Governors, Dr. Jerome Friedman, receives the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun Award.
29 Apr 2016
OIST scientists have developed a new, simple and quick way to make any number microlasers on a single structure.
27 Apr 2016
Two staff from the OIST clinic went into the earthquake-hit region of Kumamoto Prefecture to provide medical support for evacuees.
20 Apr 2016
New Evolutionary Neurobiology Unit lead by Prof. Watanabe.
19 Apr 2016
Unexpected spiral vortex phenomenon found when liquid is pushed through cross-shaped pathways.
15 Apr 2016
Dream tools come true thanks to digital 3D printing of glass components.
8 Apr 2016
Scientists create giant neural connections in culture for the first time.
4 Apr 2016
Female high school students from Okinawa participated in a workshop aimed at fostering their interest in science, providing support for their career choices and building a network of like-minded peers.
31 Mar 2016
A new theory by an OIST team may unlock the secrets of protons in water ice.
30 Mar 2016
International experts discussed accelerating innovation at universities in an interactive symposium at OIST.
28 Mar 2016
A team including two OIST professors has won a prestigious and highly competitive Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) grant.
21 Mar 2016
Larval dispersal from hydrothermal vent fields quantified in order to understand and protect the creatures found there.
15 Mar 2016
Students from universities throughout Japan attended a one-week workshop to explore the question: What would you do in graduate school?
14 Mar 2016
OIST researchers show new connections between exotic states of matter.
14 Mar 2016
The OIST forum 2016 “Japan’s Future – Science-Based Innovation” brought together a variety of experts to discuss ways to generate and govern innovation, and how to produce innovators of the future.
3 Mar 2016
The OIST study on fluctuations in wind power describes how to find errors in forecasting renewable energy needs.