6 Sep 2016
A newly installed robot will provide researchers much higher quality preparation of biological samples, drastically improving reproducibility of experimental results.
2 Sep 2016
Thirty-five students joined the university, bringing a total number of the student body to 134.
31 Aug 2016
Smiling children, filled with curiosity, had a great experience at the end of their summer vacation.
30 Aug 2016
Researchers discovered how to stop bacteria motility and thus how to disrupt bacterial infections.
17 Aug 2016
Scientists used DNA analysis to explore genetic correlation among Japanese coral population.
15 Aug 2016
Interactions between tiny particles trapped in light found to differ, depending on the light’s shape.
10 Aug 2016
Creating and examining 10,296 mutants of a ribozyme leads to a better understanding of these widespread but understudied RNA molecules.
2 Aug 2016
Strong coupling in specific light-matter interactions, previously believed to be a quantum phenomenon, is explained with classical models and experiments.
1 Aug 2016
A new R&D site for sustainable living in hot and humid areas was inaugurated on July 28th, 2016.
27 Jul 2016
Researchers clarified the relationship between air exposure and enhanced electric proprieties in perovskite solar cells.
26 Jul 2016
Insight into how neurons in the cerebellum respond to rapid eye movements may provide clues for modern medical technology.
21 Jul 2016
systemsDock is a new, free on-line resource that makes screening for drugs faster and more accurate.
14 Jul 2016
OIST held inauguration ceremony for ocean side laboratory as a step in the development of an international marine science research hub in Okinawa.
14 Jul 2016
OIST scientists predict the existence of a new kind of spin liquid.
6 Jul 2016
From a single ester, the same chemical process can create either an alcohol or multiple esters by slightly tweaking the reaction conditions.
4 Jul 2016
OIST Professor, Kenji Doya, and collaborators at four Japanese institutes have received a MEXT Supercomputing Grant to simulate the whole brain network and to develop brain-like artificial intelligence.
29 Jun 2016
The spreading of mixable liquids into ‘droplet hats’ was observed for the first time, which could lead to insight into improving strategies for cleaning animals affected by oil spills.
16 Jun 2016
A technique to control two particles, rather than just one, by using quantum tunnelling has been described.