1 Mar 2017
OIST is proud to announce that four new faculty members have joined the university.
27 Feb 2017
OIST Researchers design new photoluminescent compounds
23 Feb 2017
New research supports a structure-based classification system for viruses which could help in the identification and treatment of emerging viruses
21 Feb 2017
OIST researchers are working to develop culturally appropriate parent-training programs for Japanese families of children with ADHD
14 Feb 2017
New insights in the growth of zebrafish eye lens
3 Feb 2017
OIST stands in solidarity with the global research community in supporting the freedom of movement
30 Jan 2017
Optics research into glass micro-bubbles resonators produces interesting non-linear effects in the visible regime
27 Jan 2017
OIST researchers are investigating coral-damaging sediment runoff from the land to the ocean.
24 Jan 2017
Study of electron movement on helium may impact the future of quantum computing
10 Jan 2017
2D layer increases effectiveness of optoelectronics
4 Jan 2017
Physics research provides new insights into the fluctuations of wind energy, with implications for engineering and policy.
29 Dec 2016
An update on the ongoing procedures following the diving incident on 14 November.
26 Dec 2016
New research reveals intrinsic instability issues of iodine-containing perovskite solar cells
22 Dec 2016
OIST researchers create a novel sensor capable of measuring both charge and mass of biomolecules with potential applications in healthcare diagnostics.
15 Dec 2016
The Board of Governors of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology has selected Dr. Peter Gruss as the next CEO of the OIST School Corporation and President of the Graduate University.
9 Dec 2016
Neurons in zebra finch brains operate as a barcode reader to detect songs of the same species during learning
6 Dec 2016
His Imperial Highness visited OIST to explore the campus and delivered a speech at an opening ceremony of a prestigious international zoology conference
5 Dec 2016
An update giving the current situation concerning the diving incident that took place on November 14.
2 Dec 2016
Five years since OIST officially launched, we reflect on how the university has grown and evolved