9 Dec 2016
Neurons in zebra finch brains operate as a barcode reader to detect songs of the same species during learning
6 Dec 2016
His Imperial Highness visited OIST to explore the campus and delivered a speech at an opening ceremony of a prestigious international zoology conference
5 Dec 2016
An update giving the current situation concerning the diving incident that took place on November 14.
2 Dec 2016
Five years since OIST officially launched, we reflect on how the university has grown and evolved
30 Nov 2016
Over 5,200 people came to the university’s biggest event, making it a huge success
24 Nov 2016
A START grant will enable the transfer of technology from the laboratory to industry
24 Nov 2016
The OIST Emergency Task Force, which was set up immediately after the diving incident on 14 November, is continuing to make every practical effort to locate the missing diver.
22 Nov 2016
New insight into the flow of polymer and ‘living polymer’ solutions
18 Nov 2016
Two OIST divers were involved in a diving incident in Ie-Suido channel off the coast of Okinawa on 14 November.
9 Nov 2016
OIST is proud to announce that five new faculty members have joined the university.
7 Nov 2016
Modelling of a magnetic material unveils an unusual state of matter that promises to advance the field of condensed matter
2 Nov 2016
New research provides insight into plumage evolution
21 Oct 2016
Fission yeast may be used to find the next cancer cure
20 Oct 2016
The African clawed frog X. laevis genome contains two full sets of chromosomes from two extinct ancestors
14 Oct 2016
Dr. Ken Maeda, a researcher from OIST’s Marine Genomics Unit, received the Young Researcher Award from the Ichthyological Society of Japan for his work on gobies.
4 Oct 2016
Bringing the dream of utilizing cost-effective renewable energy resources into reality
23 Sep 2016
Behavioral experiment on reward and punishment highlights the cumulative effect of punishment in children with ADHD.
12 Sep 2016
Dr. Jun Inoue in the OIST Marine Genomics Unit has been awarded Young Scientist Initiative Award by the Japan Society of Evolutionary Studies.