22 Oct 2012
Have you ever wondered if our universe is just a tiny speck in a much larger cosmos? The Theory of Quantum Matter Unit here at OIST examines this idea on a much smaller scale.
16 Oct 2012
From October 10 through 12, OIST participated in BioJapan 2012 in Yokohama, a biotechnology business forum that has taken place since 1986.
16 Oct 2012
On October 15th the Minister of State for Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs, Mr. Shinji Tarutoko, visited OIST.
12 Oct 2012
For all of October, OIST is exhibiting a collection of Okinawan glass artist Seikchiki Inamine’s latest work, “Ocean.”
11 Oct 2012
Professor Satoshi Mitarai, head of the Marine Biophysics Unit at OIST, is a master of making friends in all the right places – in his case, leading marine research institutions around the world.
9 Oct 2012
To respond to the body’s needs, our cells are constantly switching specific genes on or off. Flipping the switch means the cells either start or stop making copies of a gene out of molecules known as RNA; these so-called “transcripts” are then read by protein-making machinery to manufacture the gene’s final product.
3 Oct 2012
The Human Developmental Neurobiology Unit is primarily concerned not with theory or bench work, but with studying the causes and effects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to achieve tangible benefits for affected children and their families.
3 Oct 2012
On October 2, OIST received a generous donation from Mr. Chiken Kakazu, a former Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker and a longtime supporter of the OIST project.
28 Sep 2012
In July OIST’s DNA sequencing section (SQC), which had been located 45 minutes away in Uruma, moved to the main campus’ Center Building in Onna. The move gives OIST researchers easier access to the section’s next-generation sequencers and team of technicians.
19 Sep 2012
Could our waste be part of the answer to humanity’s energy problems? Some researchers think so, thanks to bacteria that chow down on everything from sewage to heavy metals and give off electricity as one of their own waste products.
13 Sep 2012

Though landscaping will continue for another month, the inside of the Village Center is ready to go, and students and researchers have already moved in.

3 Sep 2012

The spotlight was on the first group of doctoral students at the welcome event that was held in the auditorium on Monday morning.

3 Sep 2012
Along with other members of his unit, Yosiyuki Asai has developed a new software platform, PhysioDesigner, to assist those who want to create physiological models.
26 Aug 2012
In recent years scientists, including OIST Professor Keshav Dani, have begun to understand how nano engineered materials, together with the rules of quantum mechanics and relativity, allow us to make materials that violate the familiar rules about how stuff behaves.
20 Aug 2012
In a paper published on August 17 in Cell, a team of researchers including OIST's Ulf Skoglund details a major step forward in understanding what caveolae look like and how they behave—and points the way toward a potentially game-changing method of drug delivery.
15 Aug 2012
In two new papers, Prof. Bernd Kuhn and collaborators use novel techniques to visualize very different things: pH within protein crystals, and neurons in the cerebellum of the brain.
14 Aug 2012
From August 6-10, OIST and the Onna Village Government jointly hosted the Children's School of Science at the Fureai Taiken Center in Onna. A total of 74 students spent their morning hours conducting experimentsto discover the fun of science.
8 Aug 2012
In a paper published last month in the Journal of Neuroscience, Prof. Erik De Schutter and his former postdoc Gabriela Antunes report that by constructing a computational model of many molecules in a part of the neuron that regulates synapse strength, they have gained new and surprising insight into what determines that strength.
31 Jul 2012
OIST's Seaside House last month played host to the Developmental Neurobiology Course (DNC), an intensive two-week program that ended on July 30 for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers from around the world.
26 Jul 2012
With much of the equipment moved in and research units steadily populating its labs, cubicles, and offices, Lab 2, which opened late last month, is swiftly coming to life.