11 Jul 2013
The second OIST Research Intern Summer Program is now underway.
3 Jul 2013
The Art Exhibition “A Crossing of Minds”, jointly held by OIST and the faculty of Arts and Crafts of the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, opened on June 27 at the OIST campus.
3 Jul 2013
On June 29 and 30, the International Conference on Climate Change and Coral Reef Conservation, organized by the Ministry of the Environment and Okinawa Prefecture with the support of OIST and the University of the Ryukyus, was held at the OIST campus.
25 Jun 2013
On June 19, the Red Cross blood donation bus made its first visit to the OIST campus.
21 Jun 2013
OIST Café, a seminar aimed at science students, was inaugurated in April in Tokyo. This month it was held again in Tokyo, and also in Sapporo, on June 16 and 19.
21 Jun 2013
A research team including OIST's Prof. Noriyuki Satoh has discovered that mealybugs have a tripartite symbiosis dependent on genes from multiple diverse bacteria.
10 Jun 2013
On June 10, OIST opened its doors to the first major international conference “The International Conference on Cosmic Microwave Background”.
29 May 2013
Two recent events at the University underlined OIST’s ambition to spread scientific ideas and concepts to the population of Okinawa and all staff at the University.
17 May 2013
In a paper in the June 5 issue of Neuron, researchers in the Cell Signal Unit and colleagues identified the mechanism behind how synapses assemble in cortico-basal ganglia circuits.
14 May 2013
Last week the OIST campus was a buzz with activity in both the arts and sciences.
13 May 2013
Prof. Hirotaka Sugawara, Distinguished Professor and Special Advisor to the OIST President was awarded on May 13 the Order of the Sacred Treasure by the Government of Japan.
10 May 2013
In a paper published in Current Biology, Professor Ichiro Maruyama and colleagues have uncovered the mechanisms behind how an organism senses alkalinity in its environment.
2 May 2013
Professor Gordon Arbuthnott's understanding of dopamine's complex nature has come a long way since he was first introduced to the neurotransmitter in the 1960s.
23 Apr 2013
Orient yourself to Japan’s only international and interdisciplinary graduate university by watching this fly-by tour.
19 Apr 2013
Having spent over 40 years as a professor in mathematics and theoretical physics, Shinobu Hikami has come across a great deal of phenomena that mathematics can explain.
12 Apr 2013
For one OIST biologist, bringing up oversized one-celled animals from the deep ocean is on par with peering at the small sculptures in an ant’s head. At first glance these animals appear to have nothing in common, but she’s found their evolutionary stories share common themes.
12 Apr 2013
In a paper just accepted for publication in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, two OIST researchers have demonstrated a technique for brain dissection that allows researchers to investigate neurons in older tissues, a nearly impossible feat.
3 Apr 2013
Nearly 22,000 people from all walks of life have passed through the OIST's doors since April 2012.
29 Mar 2013
If weather and technology cooperate during the next four years OIST researcher, Daisuke Hasegawa of the Marine Biophysics Unit will have received more than 800,000 emails from the ocean.
22 Mar 2013
An international collaborative proposal by OIST researcher Mahesh Bandi has won him and his colleagues a Young Investigators Grant from The Human Frontiers Science Program (HFSP).