2 Mar 2016
OIST team proposes a novel ocean-current turbine design.
24 Feb 2016
In an interactive symposium that brought together science and humanities perspectives, OIST and APU students discussed how they believe the world should change in 30 years.
17 Feb 2016
OIST scientist has generalized the theory of smooth magnetic couplings in preparation for a small 3D printed prototype car.
12 Feb 2016
OIST scientists designed a new method to create crystals using a combination of shear flow and controlled temperature.
1 Feb 2016
Study of electrons on liquid helium systems sheds light on zero-resistance phenomenon in semiconductors.
8 Jan 2016
OIST researchers conduct the first atomic resolution study of perovskites used in next generation solar cells.
25 Dec 2015
A microencapsulation method, developed by OIST researchers, can help to overcome major challenges in pancreatic islet transplantation.
18 Dec 2015
The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) welcomes Prof. Mary Collins as Dean of Research.
14 Dec 2015
On 13 December, 14 teams from 10 Okinawan High Schools came to OIST to decide which team would be the 2015 SCORE champion.
8 Dec 2015
OIST team has created a light-mediated on/off switch in optical nanofibers that could be used for transferring quantum information in the future.
4 Dec 2015
OIST researchers discover mechanisms aiding cell viability and survival.
27 Nov 2015
Okinawan ant expert Mr. Hidetsune Takamine donates his valuable ant collection to OIST.
26 Nov 2015
OIST researchers discover what makes ants male or female.
20 Nov 2015
OIST Prof. Hidetoshi Saze develops a new strain of rice that helps to prevent lifestyle and diet-related diseases.
11 Nov 2015
OIST’s physicist studies magnetic monopoles in spin ice crystals and explains why double layers of magnetic charges can be found
10 Nov 2015
More than 5000 people, 350 volunteers, 36 science activities, 18 food stalls and 5 buildings adds up to OIST Open Campus.
2 Nov 2015
OIST scientist and collaborators have discovered that electrons become incompressible when trapped on the surface of liquid helium under certain conditions.
30 Oct 2015
The OIST housing project is completed, but there are already plans for more dwellings for OIST members.
29 Oct 2015
OIST’s Prof. Ichiro Maruyama proposes a revolutionary new receptor model
28 Oct 2015
The new OIST Conference Center welcomed event organisers on October 26th.