10. June 2011 - 9:22
The 28th annual International Symposium on Space Technology and Science (ISTS) is being held in Okinawa this year, and OIST is there.
7. June 2011 - 5:34
Five researchers from the Marine Genomics Unit, led by Dr. Noriyuki Satoh, and nineteen mollusk researchers from seven universities and research institutions across Japan, gathered at the OIST campus for the "Japanese Pearl Oyster Genome Jamboree."
2. June 2011 - 7:04
Young scientists from sixteen countries have gathered at OIST to participate in the Summer School and Workshop “Quantitative Evolutionary and Comparative Genomics (QECG).”
30. May 2011 - 20:47
For the next month, JAXA and NICT will use parts of the OIST Onna campus in experiments which may lead to advances in weather forecasting and flood prediction.
27. May 2011 - 9:35

On Tuesday, May 24, the assembly chairpersons and secretaries general of the 12 northern municipalities of Okinawa visited OIST as part of their tour of Onna Village. The 28 visitors came from Nago City, Kunigami Village, Ogimi Village, Higashi Village, Nakijin Village, Motobu Town, Onna Village, Ginoza Village, Kin Town, Ie Village, Izena Village, and Iheya Village.

27. May 2011 - 7:21

A paper by Dr. Hiroaki Kitano, Principal Investigator of the Open Biology Unit, was published in Nature Chemical Biology.

26. May 2011 - 18:21
The construction of Lab 2 began in November 2010, and now that the ground floor slab is finished, work has begun on the steel superstructure that will serve as the skeleton of the building.
20. May 2011 - 6:00
Campus tour by Dr. Masahisa Yamada of the Common Resources Group

On Wednesday, May 18, the participants of the 44th annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Development Biologists (JSDB) visited OIST. The chair of this year's annual meeting is Dr. Ichiro Masai, Principal Investigator of the Developmental Neurobiology Unit.

13. May 2011 - 10:40
Researchers at the OIST G0 Cell Unit have found that the actual glucose requirements of fission yeast cells and human cells are surprisingly similar and that the life span of fission yeast could be prolonged by glucose starvation, an effect that had been observed in higher organisms like human beings.
6. May 2011 - 9:22


On Thursday, May 5th, Secretary General of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) Mr. Katsuya Okada and several other members of the DPJ Consultative Council on Okinawa visited OIST. The DPJ is the largest party in Japan's governing coalition, and Secretary General Mr. Okada - the former Minister for Foreign Affairs - currently serves as the Chair of the Consultative Council.

26. April 2011 - 0:53

On Friday, April 22nd, 30 members of the Okinawa Industrial Federation visited Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Promotion Corporation (OIST).

7. April 2011 - 7:42
OIST held an innovative event called the "International Symposium and Workshop: Toward the Development of an R&D Cluster in Okinawa" at the end of last year, and a full summary of the major points and recommendations made is now available for download from the International Symposium and Workshop Event Report page.