4. June 2021 - 0:00
OIST marine scientists amongst those awarded funding to create an international standard for research on ocean acidification.
28. May 2021 - 0:00
On the most recent episode of the OIST podcast, and to mark OIST’s Women in STEM month, four female scientists discussed gender diversity and equality in the sciences.
26. May 2021 - 0:00
The most recent graduation ceremony celebrated 41 graduates from across two different years and was both an in person and virtual event.
13. May 2021 - 0:00
Prof. Filip Husnik talks symbiosis and what it can tell us about evolution and cell biology on the most recent episode of the OIST podcast.
11. May 2021 - 0:00
OIST-RIKEN Joint symposium was the first step to creating research collaborations through a mutual understanding and the exchange of knowledge.
7. May 2021 - 14:06
The device can produce medical-grade oxygen – a life-saving treatment currently in short supply in India.
28. April 2021 - 9:00
Hiroki Sawada, an OIST PhD student, has received a 1-million-yen scholarship for his proposed research on AI for space rovers.
27. April 2021 - 0:00
A novel nitrate removal system, trialed in Okinawa, can clean up the wastewater produced by swine farms, finds a recent study.
19. April 2021 - 10:02
Adjunct Professor, Dr. Hiroaki Kitano, has been recognized for his pioneering work in robotics and AI.
16. April 2021 - 0:00
Scientists have modeled the spikes of the coronavirus particle to unravel how their shape and number may influence the transmissibility of the virus.
13. April 2021 - 9:00
EF Polymer partners with startup and local farmers in a new project on Awaji Island, that aims to address the problems of drought caused by climate change.
12. April 2021 - 11:28
Scientists discover a new way that neurons distinguish important signals from background noise.
1. April 2021 - 0:00
Dr. Toda, who has over 35 years of higher education and international development experience from his time in JICA, was appointed as COO of OIST.
22. March 2021 - 12:00
Eugene “Gene” Myers, a pioneer of bioinformatics who created the BLAST algorithm and played a decisive role in decoding the human genome, joined OIST last year as an Adjunct Professor.
19. March 2021 - 10:20
Professor Sam Reiter, who leads the Computational Neuroethology Unit, talks neuroscience, cephalopods, and why researching camouflage is important on the latest episode of the OIST podcast.
17. March 2021 - 10:00
Dr. Yosuke Yamada, Dr. Reina Komiya and Prof. Ryota Kabe were awarded a place on the FOREST (Fusion Oriented REsearch for disruptive Science and Technology) program.
5. March 2021 - 10:00
Mathematician strives to understand functions in metric spaces – abstract settings that go beyond the physical world.
25. February 2021 - 17:00
This year, OIST’s Community Relations Section, alongside many researchers and other members of the community, used a combination of livestreaming and pre-recorded videos to move the entire Science Festival online.
8. February 2021 - 12:00
OIST researcher uses state-of-the-art imaging and techniques to study the spindle within our cells, and to reveal which proteins are necessary for it to operate correctly.