6 Nov 2017
Using remote acoustic monitoring to track bird activity on Okinawa for the first time, scientists examined the distribution of birds on Okinawa.
11 Oct 2017
OIST researchers take one step forward toward understanding and genetically manipulating B. bacteriovorus, a type of bacteria with promising potential use as a living antibiotic.
6 Oct 2017
Researchers use genetic sequencing of museum specimens to confirm that the Lord Howe Island stick insect, once thought to be extinct, survived by hiding out on a nearby island.
4 Oct 2017
Researchers have sequenced the Taiwan habu genome, comparing it to that of the Sakishima habu. These invasive species may be not as well-known as the native habu in Okinawa, pictured here.
2 Oct 2017
Phenomena involving surface tension are extremely complex and have applications in our everyday lives, and OIST researchers are tackling the complicated mathematics behind the physics.
29 Sep 2017
Dr. Cherry Murray has been elected as the new chair of the Board of Governors (BOG) of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST).
27 Sep 2017
Day by day, Neiman attacks one big question: How can quantum mechanics and general relativity function together in a constantly accelerating universe?
20 Sep 2017
OIST researchers develop turbines to convert the power of ocean waves into clean, renewable energy.
6 Sep 2017
OIST scientists designed a novel silicon-based anode to provide lithium batteries with increased power and better stability.
4 Sep 2017
Thirty-seven students joined the university this year, representing 19 different countries and regions.
29 Aug 2017
Three new ant species named in honor of key figures in conservation—Barack Obama, Ken Saro-Wiwa, and E.O. Wilson—are immortalized as 3D virtual avatars.
25 Aug 2017
Many children experienced the joy of science at this year’s Onna/OIST Summer School of Science.
4 Aug 2017
OIST researchers improve perovskite-based technology in the entire energy cycle, from solar cells harnessing power to LED diodes to light the screens of future electronic devices and other lighting applications.
25 Jul 2017
A collaboration between OIST and Brazilian researchers reported their latest brain research on ADHD in a scientific journal targeting – and peer-reviewed by – children.
18 Jul 2017
Researchers decisively classify marine parasite Dicyemida, yielding new opportunities for understanding parasites and evolution.
13 Jul 2017
Researchers find that cold winters contributed to the evolution of beak size in Australasian songbirds.
11 Jul 2017
It is now nearly eight months since the tragic diving incident when an OIST professional diver disappeared. Since that date OIST has been engaged in a rigorous examination to understand the background to the incident and to understand how OIST must adapt its health and safety procedures to make sure that such an incident does not happen again.
7 Jul 2017
OIST researchers developed simple catalysts based on Earth-abundant manganese to use carbon dioxide for energy storage or turn it into useful chemicals for the industry.
29 Jun 2017
Researchers develop a simple printing method to create effective disease detection tools.