8 Aug 2018
Simulated neuron gives strong predictions for future research.
31 Jul 2018
International Neural Network Society presents OIST computational neuroscientist with a life contribution award
23 Jul 2018
How does living life in darkness influence the way nocturnal fishes see? A study by OIST scientists finds out.
17 Jul 2018
A new study by OIST researchers provides evidence towards selection in mtDNA due to variations in temperature.
4 Jul 2018
OIST proudly hosted STRINGS 2018, an annual conference on string theory, between 25-29 June 2018.
3 Jul 2018
Structure of cohesin, a cell division protein, could be much different than expected, study shows.
30 May 2018
New global data of invertebrate distributions suggests time holds key to species diversity
21 May 2018
New research points to a possible mutually beneficial relationship between photosynthetic algae and their planktonic hosts.
17 May 2018
Hope in the water as fishery-biology partnership makes progress for Okinawa coral recovery.
10 May 2018
Using light to control the activity of a specific group of nerve cells, OIST researchers have revealed a possible brain mechanism for responding to surprising or important cues
23 Apr 2018
President Peter Gruss was keynote speaker in Hawai’i, gaining new links with global Okinawans
18 Apr 2018
OIST researchers have made a nanoscale construction kit comprised of molecular “bricks” and “scaffolding”, inspired by the way the extracellular matrix is built around living cells.
16 Apr 2018
Researchers at OIST have successfully isolated and recorded the activity of a subset of neurons in the striatum in the brain, shedding light on one mechanism underlying learning and decision making in animals.
12 Apr 2018
New OIST study of mystery chemical has uncovered potential new medical treatments for genetic disorders.
10 Apr 2018
New research helps understand movement of electrons in two-dimensional systems.
29 Mar 2018
A new perspective bridges two approaches to understanding quantum gravity.
26 Mar 2018
OIST Researchers have shown that the speed of neurotransmitter recycling at the synapse is determined by the refilling speed of vesicles.