26 Mar 2018
OIST Researchers have shown that the speed of neurotransmitter recycling at the synapse is determined by the refilling speed of vesicles.
19 Mar 2018
Students from around the world come to OIST and find the “Joy of Discovery”
14 Mar 2018
New research illuminates complex molecular network involved in learning.
7 Mar 2018
How can new scientific breakthroughs turn into successful business enterprises? A recent conference held at OIST aimed to find out.
27 Feb 2018
The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) held its inaugural Graduation Ceremony on February 24, 2018, to celebrate the achievements of OIST’s very first graduates.
23 Feb 2018
The Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit at OIST has developed new innovative biosensing material for counting dividing cells and detecting biomolecules.
8 Feb 2018
To understand Fukunaga’s work, it helps to appreciate a glass of red wine with cheese.
1 Feb 2018
A twist on a textbook physics experiment sheds light on a complex phenomenon in fluid dynamics.
23 Jan 2018
New research shows with unprecedented accuracy what happens to liquid soap as it spreads on water.
19 Jan 2018
How should scientists contribute to global issues and the development of regional economies in this age of rapid globalization?
16 Jan 2018
Researchers at OIST have found a simple way to construct and deconstruct molecular metal chains, atom-by-atom.
20 Dec 2017
OIST researchers have revealed new insights into the process of E. coli cell division, aiding the search for new ways to target bacteria with antibiotics.
12 Dec 2017
Okinawa’s high school students presented their excellent science and entrepreneurial ideas.
8 Dec 2017
A new science initiative aims to connect Western and Middle Eastern communities.
5 Dec 2017
Decoding two worm genomes provides new insights into genetic similarities between distantly related animal groups.
30 Nov 2017
The Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Exhibition at OIST explores the future of machine art.
27 Nov 2017
OIST scientists were able to create and study a vortex in the laboratory.
21 Nov 2017
More than 5,300 people gathered for one of Okinawa’s largest science events.