14 Jun 2019
Snake venom is an ever-evolving concoction of toxin proteins, but snakes only use a few recipes to create their preferred cocktail.
6 Jun 2019
New “molecular transformer” changes shape and lights up in response to trigger.
31 May 2019
OIST held its second graduation ceremony to celebrate its latest graduates.
29 May 2019
Study unveils connection of classical toy model to new topics in quantum gravity.
28 May 2019
On Sunday, May 26, a special event was held to honor Dr. Sydney Brenner, a crucial figure in creating the OIST we know today.
9 May 2019
OIST graduate Dr. Faisal Mahmood to be appointed as a faculty member of Harvard Medical School
12 Apr 2019
Follow along this reactive photo gallery to get a glimpse of a PhD student’s most recent published paper.
5 Apr 2019
OIST is greatly saddened to announce the death of Dr. Sydney Brenner, the first President of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Promotion Corporation (2005-2011), the predecessor of the present OIST.
2 Apr 2019
On 30 March 2019, the press published an article about an anonymous online survey conducted to examine the workplace environment at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST). The survey claims to demonstrate widespread discontent and harassment at OIST. OIST wants to make clear that this is not an official survey conducted by the University and that OIST does not tolerate any form of harassment.
2 Apr 2019
On 13 March 2019, the press published an article about the operations of the OIST clinic. The article misleadingly suggested that OIST may have suspended the operation of its clinic beyond the maximum time of one year that is typically allowed for this type of closure under the relevant law. It also claimed that the clinic continued to be closed up until the time of writing of the newspaper article. To confirm the status of the OIST Clinic, representatives of the Okinawa Prefectural Chubu Public Health Center (OPCPHC) and the Okinawan Prefectural Government Medical Policy Division visited OIST on 14 March 2019. The OPCPHC confirmed that the inspection concluded that the clinic reopened properly.
1 Apr 2019
A grant that’s more than funding but fostering a new line of research.
20 Mar 2019
Students traveled from across the globe to participate in the 2019 Science Challenge.
20 Mar 2019
For the first time, researchers unveil the genome of ito-mozuku, the popular Japanese brown seaweed, providing data that could help farmers better grow the health food.
15 Mar 2019
Peter Gruss meets Onna Village Assembly with plan for local growth
11 Mar 2019
The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) co-hosted OIST Forum 2019 with NewsPicks.
7 Mar 2019
A new study shows how rapid moment-to-moment changes affect sensory processing in the olfactory system.
18 Feb 2019
Researchers pinpoint how brain activity changes in mouse models of Parkinson’s disease, hinting at what may drive symptoms in humans.
12 Feb 2019
To design future quantum technologies, scientists pinpoint how microwaves interact with matter.