Neil Calder

Neil Calder
Neil Calder
Vice President for Communications & Public Relations
1974 MA(Hons) University of St Andrews, English Language and Literature

Professional Positions

1989–2001 Head of Office of Communication, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva
2001-2008 Director of Communication, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University
2008–2010 Head of Communication, International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), Cadarache, France
2011-present Vice President Communications and Public Relations, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

Other Activities

Member of Governing board of Euroscience, a pan-European body for the promotion of science, Europe’s equivalent of AAAS.
Founder member of European Intergovernmental Research Organization communications group.
Member of European Community panel on "Communication for Sixth Framework 2001"
Consultant to the American Academy of Sciences
Member of the US High Energy Physics Advisory Panel
Advisor to the National Academy of Sciences for AMO physics
Member of the California Council on Science and Technology
Member of Stanford University Public Art Committee
Member of Stanford University Arts Initiative
Founder Member of CERN Web Policy Board
Chairman and organizer of "European Science Media Conference" CERN 1993.
Chairman and organizer of "CERN World Wide Web" conference 1995
Member of UNESCO committee "Rencontre international des jeunes"
Wrote and directed "Euro Big Bang" 1996. Winner of Best Science Film, Lausanne International Science Film Festival 1997


Science communication is not an academic field. There is no tradition or mechanism for academic publications. However Neil Calder has published many articles, press stories, and has directed several films:

"Edoardo Amaldi – Scientific Statesman", with Carlo Rubbia, 1993 CERN Yellow Report
"Scientists get the Press They Deserve" World Science Journalism Conference, Budapest 1999
"John Logie Baird - Fibreoptic Pioneer" Calder I, Ovassapian A, Calder N. Journal of Royal Society of Medicine 2000
Hurricane of Change – Redefining the Goals of Particle Physics Research” PCST Conference Barcelona June 2004
Publisher ‘Symmetry’ magazine
The “Quantum Universe” – High Energy Physics Advisory Panel April 2004
Discovering the Quantum Universe”– High Energy Physics Advisory Panel September 2005
Quantum Communication” – Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science Volume 57 2007
Many Press Articles written for Directors-General and others published in leading newspapers and magazines