Masayuki Shibata

Masayuki Shibata
Masayuki Shibata
Vice President for Financial Management
1981 B.A. Keio University (Economics)
1985 MA Northwestern University (Economics)
1986 MEd Harvard Graduate School of Education
2017 PhD Open University of Japan

Dr. Masayuki Shibata, who stepped into the Vice President position on April 1, holds a doctorate from the Open University of Japan, a Master in Education from Harvard University, a Master in Economics from Northwestern University, and Bachelor of Economics from Keio University. Most recently, he served as the Executive Vice President for Finance and Facility Development and Secretary-General at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. At Tokyo Tech, he worked to secure funding for the institute, oversaw large-scale changes in campus development and the administrative structure. Prior to that, Shibata held a similar position at Kyushu University.

Dr. Shibata has also taken on influential roles within the Japanese government. He served as Director-General of the Agency for Cultural Affairs and later for International Cultural Affairs within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Shibata has held a number of positions within the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), including Director of the Space Policy Division; Director of the Lifelong Learning Promotion Division; and Director of the International Affairs Division. These roles and others in the domestic government, Japanese universities, and embassies abroad make Shibata a welcome addition to the OIST administrative team.


Apr 1981-Mar 1989 Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture (Monbusho)
Apr 1989-Mar 1991 Second Secretary, Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom
Apr 1991-Jun 1992 First Secretary, Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom
Jul 1992-Nov 1993 Deputy Director, School Health Education Division, Physical Education and Sports Bureau (Monbusho)
Dec 1993-Mar 1995 Deputy Director, Science Division, Science and International  Affairs Bureau (Monbusho)
Apr 1995-Mar 1998 Director, Management Department, Gifu Pref. Board of  Education
Apr 1998-Jun 1999 Director, Office for Science Policy Planning, Science and International Affairs Bureau (Monbusho)
Jul 1999-Dec 2000 Director, Student Exchange Division, Science and International Affairs Bureau (Monbusho)
Jan 2001-Dec 2002 Director, Space Policy Division, Research and Development Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
Jan 2003-Jun2004 Director, Lifelong Learning Promotion Division, Lifelong Learning Policy Bureau (MEXT)
Jul 2004-Jan 2006 Director, Policy Planning and External Relations Department, Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
Feb 2006-Jun 2008 Executive, Center for National University Finance and Management
Jul 2008-Jun2010 Director, International Affairs Division, Minister’s Secretariat (MEXT)
Jul 2010-Jun 2012 Director-General, Agency for Cultural Affairs
Jul 2012-Jun 2013 Director-General for International Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Aug 2013-Mar 2016 Executive Vice President and Secretary-General, Kyushu University
Apr 2016-Mar 2019 Executive Vice President and Secretary-General, Tokyo Institute of Technology
April 2019 Vice President for Financial Management, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology


June 2006~ Japanese Association of Higher Education Research


January 2013 Honorary Doctrate, De Montfort University