Ken Peach

Ken Peach
Ken Peach
Senior Advisor for Strategy
1972 PhD Edinburgh (Physics)
1967 B.Sc Edinburgh (Physics)


1996/9-1998/4 Deputy Leader, Particle Physics Experiments Division, CERN
1996/10-2002/3 Personal Chair, University of Edinburgh
1998/1-2005/7 Director, Particle Physics, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
2004/1-2005/10 Director, CCLRC e-Science Centre, CCLRC
2005/5-2010/7 Director, John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science, University of  Oxford and Royal Holloway University of London
2009/4-2011/9 Co-Director, Particle Therapy Cancer Research Institute, University of Oxford
2011/10-present Professor Emeritus, University of Oxford


Dean of Faculty Affairs, OIST Graduate University
2019/1-2021/6 Senior Advisor for Strategy, OIST Graduate University


1994-1996 UK delegate, European Committee on Future Accelerators (ECFA)
1993-1996 UK delegate, Advisory Committee of CERN Users (ACCU)
1994-1996 Chair, ACCU
2002-2007 Member, CERN Scientific Policy Committee
2005-2007 Chair, CERN Scientific Policy Committee
2005/9-2006/7 Co-chair, Strategy Group for European Particle Physics
2007 Chair, Search Committee for CERN Director General for CERN
2008 Member of the DoE Office of High Energy Physics Laboratory Accelerator Science Review Panel


1989 Fellow of the Institute of Physics
1999 Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
2005 EPS-HEPP Prize 2005
2006 Institute of Physics 2006 Rutherford Medal and Prize