James Higa

James Higa
James Higa
Executive Director, Philanthropic Ventures Foundation
Board of Directors, U.S.-Japan Council (-present)
1981 B.A. (Political Science), Stanford University

Work Experience

Jun 1981

Photographer, Higa Photography (until March, 1984)

Mar 1984

Director, Product Marketing/International Marketing, Apple Japan, Apple Computer (until March, 1989)

Mar 1989

Asia, NeXT Computer (until August, 1996)

Sep 1996

VP Consumer, VP Asia, RealNetworks (until December, 2000)

Mar 2001

Senior Director, Office of the CEO, Apple (until July, 2012)

Jun 2012

Advisor, Innovation Advisory Board, Lawson Inc., (until June, 2017)

Aug, 2012

Executive Director, Philanthropic Ventures Foundation (-present)

Nov 2012

Mentor in Residence, Index Ventures (-present)

Mar 2013

Investor Director, Kano Computing (until May, 2019)

Oct, 2013

Advisor, UNIQLO (-present)

Sep 2015

Advisor, Airbnb (-present)

Mar 2018

Advisor, Siemens (-present)

Mar 2019

Board of Directors, WorldCover (-present)

Jan 2020

Member, Board of Governors, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology School Corporation (-present)

Social Activities, Services

Feb 1989

Working Group Member, Unicode (until September, 1992)

Sep 1998

Board of Directors, Stanford Alumni Association (until August, 2002)

May 2004

Member, Advisory Council, Stanford Libraries & Academic Information Resources (-present)

Apr 2007

Undergraduate Admissions Office Advisory Committee, Stanford University (until August, 2009)

Sep 2008

Board Member, National Advisory Board, Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University (until May, 2014)

Mar 2014

Extended Teaching Staff, Designing Liberation Technologies, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design Liberation Technologies (until June, 2014)

Apr 2014

Advisory Board, Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute, Stanford University School of Medicine (until December, 2017)

Sep 2014

Board of Directors. MusiCares Foundation. The Recording Academy (-present)

Jan 2015

Board of Directors, U.S.-Japan Council (-present)