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Local Broadcaster RBC Report on Photographer Shawn Miller

OIST recently hosted a photo exhibition by Mr. Shawn Miller "Nature Therapy" which drew not only visitors to OIST but also media attention. One such press coverage was by the local Ryukyu Broadcasting Company (RBC) , which was broadcast during its evening prime-time news program. You can watch the whole report on YouTube. Enjoy!

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"Today's Daring" (updated w/t translation)

During his visit at OIST last Sunday to this Monday, Mr. Shigesato Itoi, a well known copywriter and essayist in Japan received a good vibrations from OIST students. He writes his short essay "Today's Daring 今日のダーリン" everyday and today, he mentioned OIST in it.  (Translation is provided below.)

His website “Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun” ( is the most viewed “personal” website in Japan, hitting 1.5 million page views per day. His Twitter account has 1 million followers.


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Cell Suicide Prevention Squad

Our new article "Cell Suicide Prevention Squad" has been covered by domestic and overseas media:

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Acorn Worm Genome Decoded

More coverage on the OIST story:  "Our closest wormy cousins" 



These findings were published in Nature,
These findings were published in Nature,
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"OIST: New Silicon Valley will be Created in Japan”

Kazakhstan's national broadcaster, recently aired a three-minute report featuring one of our studetns, Ms. Kamila Mustafina from the country, and many of our colleagues at OIST. Check out the TV report, "New Silicon Valley will be Created in Japan” here.

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OIST’s undertaking of helping Okinawa become self-sustaining

To spin out patented innovations from Okinawa and make the prefecture become self-sustaining, the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University in Onna Village launched a new research funding program called “Proof of Concept.” OIST is heading into the fourth year of its academic program. The program provides funding and human resources to ambitious and ingenious technologies and discoveries spun from the university labs on a priority basis, aiming to commercialize them.


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OIST Featured in Japan Times

Dr. Nancy Snow, the Pax Mundi professor of public diplomacy at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, visited OIST on November 6 on a media tour organized by the Foreign Press Center Japan. In her her op-ed published in the Japan Times on November 23, Dr. Snow refers to OIST "where science and technology in subtropical paradise meets some of the world’s best lab-based problem solvers ... the best university you’ve likely never heard of in Japan."

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Mysteries of Bony Fish Genome Evolution

Our new press release "Mysteries of Bony Fish Genome Evolution" has been covered by domestic and overseas media:

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“Forest of Science”: OIST promotes interdisciplinary and international research

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) has entered into its fifth year since the inauguration of the university. While OIST is funded by taxpayers’ money, it does not constitute a national university. The university was established as part of the government’s project to promote the self-sustaining development of Okinawa. OIST is highly international and conducts interdisciplinary research. Here is the story I covered.


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Receptors: It Takes a Dimer to Bind

Our article about Prof. Maruyama's revolutionary "rotation model" has been picked up by overseas media. See the article or look at the press coverage below:

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Minister of State Shimajiri visits OIST

(Excerpt of the articles)

Aiko Shimajiri, Minister of State for Okinawan Affairs, arrived at Okinawa on October 10th for the first time since she assumed the position. She will visit venues including the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) and U.S. military’s former residential area of West Futenma on October 11th.

Minister Shimajiri will not meet with Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga this time due to scheduling conflicts. She will return to Tokyo on October 12th.

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“Living Fossil” Genome Decoded

Our new press release on Lingula Genome Decode conducted by the Marine Genomics Unit (Prof. Noriyuki Satoh) has been covered by a number of domestic and overseas media:

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  • 未放送映像を含むビデオ(番組公式YouTubeチャンネル):

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