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The Science Bridge Collaboration in the News

A new science initiative dubbed The Science Bridge builds a partnership between Western and Middle Eastern neuroscience communities. Supporters of the project, who include three faculty connected to OIST, recently published a new article, “Building Bridges through Science,” which appears in the journal Neuron.

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Marine Genomics Unit on Worm Genome Evolution in the News

Researchers from the Marine Genomics Unit at OIST, in collaboration with Okayama University, have decoded two worm genomes and found that they have several genetic similarities with the vertebrates.

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Shaking the Concept of Art: Collaboration of AI and Human Beings

OIST Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Exhibition

Can sense of beauty be cultivated in AI?  Can AI autonomously create art works? At Onna Village in Okinawa, OIST Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Exhibition is currently being held, exploring potentials of AI and intelligence of human beings.  I visited the OIST’s futuristic buildings surrounded by forests to see the exhibition.

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Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit Polymer Research in the News

Although ubiquitous in the environment, vortices have proven difficult to capture and study in the laboratory. Recently, however, researchers from the Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) created a way to examine these small-scale whirlpools with the aid of a device specially developed for this purpose.

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OIST Science Festival - Popular Among Children: Experience Science World

Okinawa TV aired a documentary focusing OIST Ph.D student James Schloss who does the Science Show every year. The TV report helped to bring more people to the event Sunday.


The video is available at the Media Section if you missed to watch it. Please contact at:

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OIST Science Talk: Particles that Paves the Way for Cutting Edge Technologies

I have been doing basic research on quantum technologies at OIST.  The word, “quantum” represents all the elements in the microscopic world, including atoms, electrons, molecules, ions, and etc.  Under the microscopic world, there are various phenomena human beings cannot understand, such as two particles existing at two spots simultaneously or particles going through walls, etc.  With the advent of technologies and research, since the end of 20th century, people came to be able to control such mysterious quantum world.  And now in the 21st century,

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Generating Electricity with Surfing Waves: Challenge by an Okinawan Physicist

By Jyunichi Taki, Science Editorial Staff, Nikkei Newspaper Electric Edition

Based on some completely new ideas, Professor Tsumoru Shintake from Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate School has been tackling on practical use of wave energy generation.  Utilizing smashed-up waves on coral reefs is quite an idea technologically, which is unique to Okinawa.  The demonstration turbine was recently completed and now the turbines are to be implemented on a real shore.


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Biodiversity & Biocomplexity Unit Research on Okinawa's Soundscape in the News

Using remote acoustic monitoring to track bird activity on Okinawa for the first time, scientists from OIST's Biodiversity & Biocomplexity Unit examined the distribution of birds on Okinawa.

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Prof. Doya's Interview

Professor Kenji Doya is featured on a web media: TOP RESEARCHERS
The interview introduces his career path and focuses on the OIST Neural Computation Unit's neurobiological research.
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Yokobayashi Unit Research on Predatory Bacteria in the News

Research from the Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Engineering Unit on predatory bacteria is being talked about in international news. In a recently published paper, the unit members took steps forward in the genetic manipulation of B. bacteriovorus, a type of bacteria with potential future applications as a living antibiotic.

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Dr. Nana Arakaki's Interview - A Research Support Specialist, The DNA Sequencing Section

The website "MIRAICHIZU" is targeting high-school students in Okinawa to help them create a career plan and get ideas about what kinds of jobs are available in Okinawa. The articles are written by local university students.
This time, Dr. Nana Arakaki from the OIST DNA Sequencing Section introduced her job and delivered messages to students in Okinawa.

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Extinct Stick Insects Found Living


OIST research team in collaboration with Australian researchers found out that the phantom insects regarded as an extinct species have been surviving. Lord Howe stick insects have been considered to be extinct since black rats from wrecked ship intruded the island in 1918, which affected the island’s ecosystem.  However, the same kind as Lord Howe stick insects were found alive in Balls Pyramid Island, which is located in the vicinity of Lord Howe Island.

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Mikheyev Unit Research on the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect in the news

Recently OIST's Ecology and Evolution Unit confirmed the survival of a thought-to-be extinct species of large flightless insect: the Lord Howe Island stick insect. International media has been talking about this very big news.

Read the full story here, and check out which media outlets are featuring the story below.


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Mikheyev Unit Work on Habu Genome In the News

International media is talking about new work from the Ecology and Evolution Unit headed by Alexander Mikheyev. See the full story here.
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The First Habu Venom Genome Analysis


On October 4th, OIST and Okinawa Prefectural Public Health and Environment Institute made an announcement that they have analyzed genome of habu venom for the first time in the world.  According to their discovery, not only strong components of habu venom, but also weak components of habu venom have been evolved through generations, based on coinciding functions, so-called, “genetic drift.”

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Fried Unit Research on Surface Tension in the News

International media is talking about new work from the Mathematics, Mechanics, and Materials Unit headed by Professor Eliot Fried. See the full story here.

See which news outlets are talking about it below:


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Breakthrough -- Professor Kenji Doya

The Asahi Shimbun GLOBE featured Prof. Doya in its October issue.

The article offers in-depth information about Prof. Doya as one of the most active players in his field.  You can read it (in Japanese) from their website.

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Dr. Murray Elected as New Chair of the OIST Board of Governors


On 29th, OIST BOG made an announcement of the November 1 inauguration of Dr. Cherry Murray (65) and the resignation of Dr. Torsten Wiesel (93), the incumbent BOG Chair who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1981.

Dr. Murray used to serve as a dean of Harvard University’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  With the first graduation ceremony coming on February 2018, OIST aims at the expansion of faculty members, stressing their need to contribute to the sustainable development of Okinawan economy.

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Professor Síle Nic Chormaic Writes about Gender Inequality in Science in Optics & Photonics News

Read Professor Síle Nic Chormaic's article "Challenging a Culture of Inequality" that was published in Optics & Photonics News in the October 2017 issue. The article features Professor Nic Chormaic's own experiences with gender inequality in science and addresses some of OIST's equality initiatives.


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Prof. Chakraborty Features in BS Japan TV program

Prof. Chakraborty was featured on a satelite TV program "Kagaku Michiru 科学ミチル。"
The video is available online from the link below (Only in Japanese):

The program has already featured three other professors from OIST. You can watch the clips from:

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