15 Aug 2012
In two new papers, Prof. Bernd Kuhn and collaborators use novel techniques to visualize very different things: pH within protein crystals, and neurons in the cerebellum of the brain. Though the...
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color-coded image showing pH within a protein crystal
10 Aug 2012
Proteins constitute the molecular machinery of life. They give structure to cells, pump ions, catalyze reactions, or sense messengers. To learn the structure of proteins, researchers coax them into...
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9 Aug 2012
Purkinje cells are large neurons in the cerebellum, the part of the brain responsible for motor coordination. This 3D reconstruction shows Purkinje cells in a living mouse that were labeled with a...
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Lugaro cells and a Golgi cell
7 Aug 2012
The brain is composed of many different types of neurons. These neurons have long, thin structures called dendrites and axons that densely intermingle with each other. To understand how the brain...
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Optical Neuroimaging Unit Group Photo
10 Jul 2012
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27 Dec 2011
On December 19th, Dr. Marylka Yoe Uusisaari, a researcher in the Optical Neuroimaging Unit of OIST, visited Nakadomari Jr. High School in Onna Village to give a talk titled “How do you make a...
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20 May 2011
A two-photon microscopic image of a neuron fluoresced with red dye By Kaoru Natori What do you do if you want to observe a tiny object? You could use a magnifying glass...
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