Octopus bimaculoides, also known as the Californian two-spot octopus
11 Aug 2015 - 16:18
Octopus bimaculoides, also known as the Californian two-spot octopus, whose genome was sequenced. The Californian two-spot octopus is immediately recognizable from the blue spots on either side of...
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Distribution of Hox genes in chromosomes of different vertebrates and invertebrates
11 Aug 2015 - 16:12
Hox genes are responsible for building the organism from the embryo stage. Compared to Hox genes in humans and other animals, which are found in intact clusters, the octopus’s Hox genes are not...
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6 Jul 2015 - 11:40
The Molecular Genetics Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) is under new management. The Unit is now led by Daniel Rokhsar, an adjunct and visiting...
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Daniel Rokhsar
6 Jul 2015 - 11:34
Daniel Rokhsar is a Professor of Physics and Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. He began as a condensed matter physicist, before turning to physics related problems...
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